A term that has become popular for black people to use against white people. The reason is because it is usually the last thing a black person hears before they get hit by a white guy driving a truck...
That honky ran over that nigger in his big, jacked up truck!
by Tanner Thomas November 10, 2005
Stoned to the point of no return.
"Man I'm honky tonight.."
by Lewis1983 May 19, 2005
The best technique for acquiring a rimjob, get a girl to suck on your balls, and then just lean back. First she'll slowly tickle your grundle as the tongue rolls from the bottom of your sack towards your glory hole. No girl can resist that white country trash cornhole staring at her when you have leaned back to the proper angle. Name derived specifically from the dirty honkies from Tomales, CA.
guy 1: I asked a girl to lick my ass, and she walked out on me.

guy 2: No, dude, you gotta give the the Honky.

guy 1: What's that?

guy 2: Just lean back!

guy 1: Oh, shit, I'm gonna go get MAD rimjobs now!
by Humptydumptyrock April 22, 2008
A Deragitory term for a caucasian. believed to be originated from the form of music called "honky tonk." African Americans believe that all white people listen to this form of music, so they call all white people "Honky's"

Damn that honky is a fuckin honky ass craka! and im a stupid nigga!
by G ho money February 05, 2006
Born In born in Hong Kong but has basically grown up as a westerner. Someone who didn't come off the boat FOB or is an ABC an American/Australian born Chinese.
"She is such a honky, meaning materialistic,stuck up." Usually said by an ABC
by gumgal January 25, 2005
an ignorant, racist person of european descent. not necessarily poor whites but stuckup rich folks who arent used to being around blacks.
"stop being a fuckin honky and accept black/hispanic/asian/etc. folks"
A generally deragatory term for anyone of any race. Means a number of things, mostly a term for those uneducated street-wise.
"Shit, look at that honky bitch gettin cheated out her bills"
by Sarah December 26, 2003

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