Honky is a rascist term used to mock white people mainly used by black people but is now becoming much more common with Brittish Pakistani youths.White people can usually be identified by there small penises(even the women)and can usually be found with binoculars outside schools..
is that Dave hiding in my sons school in the bushes....stupid honky

by Hasie279 November 12, 2008
Therm used by black Prostitutes in the 70's for their white Customers.
I pay for the smack this time, i did 6 Honkys today.
by Herr Kujat September 08, 2005
A dated racial slur for caucasions in the USA. Probably could be considered the counter part of 'nigger' (not nigga).

A less offensive White boy and white girl are used conversational current day.
Homegirl goin' uptown to be with those Wall Street Honkies..
by Socialcommentary2000 April 16, 2004
reference to white people due to the fact that a large amount of white people owned cars before colored people. When slavery was banned, colored people may have been "freed" but many still worked their servant jobs with the incentive of pay benefits. Many white folks of higher society had the first cars, while many colored drivers were most likely chauffers.
I picked up the Honky and drove his ass around all day.
by scallywag February 08, 2006
a racial slur usually directed toward those of european decent.
me and my honky friend went to the Gap.
by yellow fever October 13, 2003
(chiefly used by asian Australians)

(noun) a person from Hong Kong, or of Hong Kongese descent.

(adj) Honk Kongese

Not derogatory; sometimes friendly, but usually purely descriptive.

Probably an abbreviation for Hong Kongese.
The honky in black's got the stuff!

That honky guy sure pulls the chicks!

Some prick at the cafe slipped me a honky dollar. (Honk Kong dollar coins are the same colour and a similar size to Australian dollar coins.)
by cuavas April 13, 2005
Name for white people invented back in slavery days, which is now considered to be racist.
I hate those Honky mtherfuckers.
by Jamin B April 28, 2004

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