ofted used by asians refering to hong kong people.
A : Hey, he cant speak english?
B : Nah, he's a honky.
by faith13 August 22, 2007
A cross between a Horse and a Donkey
Your a honky cuz your dads' a Horse and your mums' a Donkey.
by bella spanish June 25, 2007
a acceptable term for a group white people, specially for description purposes e.g. reporting to the police
look they were honkies , you know pig looking officer
by mydonky January 18, 2007
1. A derogatory term for a Caucasian person.

2. Honky is to white people what nigger is to black people.

3. Also used by white people to refer to eachother.
1. and 2. : "Reach for the sky honky!" -Chappelle's Show

3. "What up honky?"
by michael pap November 25, 2006
word used to describe a white person, they can be found in your local park asking children for sex. if not there, then they are probably stealing your votes and invading a inocent country

kill that double standard skinned honky
by monkynuts August 02, 2006
also defined as tonk, or honky tonk women. to replace the colloquial use of 'biddie' or other words used to relate to the attractive female counterparts of 'bros'
'hey king, who was that honky you were talking to before'
'just some tonk, nothing special'
by king24/7 December 04, 2011
Honky is a rascist term used to mock white people mainly used by black people but is now becoming much more common with Brittish Pakistani youths.White people can usually be identified by there small penises(even the women)and can usually be found with binoculars outside schools..
is that Dave hiding in my sons school in the bushes....stupid honky

by Hasie279 November 12, 2008

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