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1) someone or something that is crazy or awesome!

2) something you say after yourself or someone does something awesome or crazy.

3) To achieve greatness

4) Crazy, wild, insane, psycho, ect

5) It can also go well with almost anything else you say

*also a good hashtag! #honkenbonkers*
1) - "That was honkenbonkers

- "he punched the guy, he is honkenbonkers"

- "im honkenbonkers"

2) - "I just slapped that booty!" "honkenbonkers"

- "I just lifted 300lbs" "honkenbonkers"

3) - "I’m going to college" "honkenbonkers"

- "I made tons of money$$$!" "honkenbonkers"

- "Im geting Swole" "honkenbonkers"

4) - just randomly screaming "HONKENBONKERS"

- going around fist-bumping people and saying "honkenbonkers"

5) - "hi, honkenbonkers"

- "come over, honkenbonkers"

- "pizza is honkenbonkers"
by Honken_Bonken_REED March 31, 2014

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