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Honkadelphia is the philosophical union in which all male, white, and cool guy Honkies belong to. It's a place, an idea, and a team. Every Honkadelphian (AKA Honky) is prosperous, and carries the burden of a very large and established chang between their legs. Every member of the Honkadelphia United Clan must be given his official nickname by either the Imperial Wizard Honky, "Honkalicious/Cat Eyes" or by his administration (i.e. Honka Claus, Honkasaurus, Honkpottamus,etc.) Every Honkadelphia representative can fluently communicate in Honkbonics, and harpoons fine girlies to his fullest ability. Honkadelphia is the greatest thing, so salute it.
"Hello good sir. My name is Honka Truck, I represent Honkadelphia."
"Honkadelphia makes me gasm, foshiggadale."
by Honkalicious May 09, 2003
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i said see it!!
by Cock Master 0 November 17, 2003
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