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Also the name of Aerosmith's forthcoming 2004 album. (used inreference to a blowjob.)
"Honkin' on Bobo is wildly anticipated by many crazy fans"
by commonwealth1325 October 20, 2003
21 15
1)Blow me.
2)Suck My Dick.
3)Gobble My Knobble.
4)Have a helping of Mr. Happy's hand jerked throat gravy.
Why don't you honk on bobo, you moron.
by RangerX September 15, 2003
66 21
Telling someone to suck your dick
Hey, If you don't like it; you can honk on Bobo
by Sallie_420 October 25, 2006
25 14
suck my dick-needed a new term so no one could get it unless they were in....
f*ck u mutha fu*cka! honk on bobo
by jack April 13, 2004
23 19
Tellin a person to suck a big one!
Jared: "ur girls a fat ho."
Sam: "hey Jared, honk on bobo!"
by Crusher ~ November 12, 2009
0 1