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1)Blow me.
2)Suck My Dick.
3)Gobble My Knobble.
4)Have a helping of Mr. Happy's hand jerked throat gravy.
Why don't you honk on bobo, you moron.
by RangerX September 15, 2003
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Telling someone to suck your dick
Hey, If you don't like it; you can honk on Bobo
by Sallie_420 October 25, 2006
Also the name of Aerosmith's forthcoming 2004 album. (used inreference to a blowjob.)
"Honkin' on Bobo is wildly anticipated by many crazy fans"
by commonwealth1325 October 20, 2003
suck my dick-needed a new term so no one could get it unless they were in....
f*ck u mutha fu*cka! honk on bobo
by jack April 13, 2004
Tellin a person to suck a big one!
Jared: "ur girls a fat ho."
Sam: "hey Jared, honk on bobo!"
by Crusher ~ November 12, 2009

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