A tracker and forum dedicated to anime and other japanese media stuffs. It would be awesome but the site is down 99.9% of the time.
I cant get the torrent, or post. Hongfire is down again.
by l33t 0n3 December 07, 2004
Top Definition
A massive media website consisting of many mediums including anime, hentai, news, music, etc. (Currently, it's up 99% of the time.)
"Do you want to obtain media information, or argue in a thread? Browse no further than Hongfire, the multimedia behemoth of the internet.
by realsilverjunk March 03, 2009
The future anime network.
Hongfire is the new BT anime tracker bitch.
by rtil November 23, 2004
A poor-quality forum/torrent site/blog/cesspool consisting of people who appear to be braindead, deriving self-righteousness from their "donor" status or from having a positive reputation and high post count. This is hilarious seeing as having those three on a website such as hongfire turns you into the inbred scum of the earth. The website also contains fetishists, whiteknights, and people who lack genitalia.

Being a weeaboo is smiled upon here, and everyone faps to slice of life anime.
Guy 1: Oh man i just visited hongfire today, and it sucked dick
Guy 2: Yeah, it's like I'm really listening to the maplestory community

Guy 1: Even though I do like anime, this site is a fucking disgrace. If there had to be one exception for net neutrality, it'd have to be this website. The creators should be hanged.
by Nigger T. Daniels February 05, 2011
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