A vehicle used to transport bodily waste out of portapotties and to wherever it needs to be.
Get out of the port-a-potty fo da honey wagon comes
by Anonymous September 16, 2003
Top Definition
A tanker truck used to suck up the waste matter from porta-potties and other sources.
The honeywagon arrived to clean up the washroom areas.
by Conner Lingus September 20, 2003
I was raised on a farm in Missouri where the honeywagon was a wagon pulled by a tractor, and had a p-t-o auger to spread manure on the fields.
"Hey, don't call it the shitwagon around the girls, call it a honewagon.
by yonder August 29, 2004
Slang term someone who owns a station wagon uses for their car, implying that it actually has the power to pick up honeys (girls)
Dey go Keif Murray flossin in his honeywagon...too bad it ain't nothin but sausage up in dat piece!
by Dirty September 24, 2003
A large sacred vehicle which carries a tank filled with humen feces, which is found inside of a honey hole, and is transported to a secluded location where it is dried and then scraped up to be disposed of elsewhere
-You smell that Jimmy?
-Hey I know that smell from somewhere!
-Thats right Jimmy that smell is from the local honey wagon
by Steam April 23, 2008
A honeywagon is a manure spreader.

The wheels are mechanically attached to a mechanism that has tines upon an axel that throw clumps of manure into a barren field.

Thats it. Nothing more than poop being thrown out of the back of a wagon.
I went to my uncles farm in Eyota. He had an old honeywagon sitting in the side yard. Oh boy. Did that ever stink. No amount of varnish could ever disguise what that piece of machinery was made for... I hope some city slicker comes along and thinks its some sort of collectable... and puts it in the city center of Rochester.
A fun term to call any vehicle you are using at that moment even if it does happen to be a freakin' piece.
Ladies cant wait to get up in my honeywagon but they have to crawl in through the back cause my doors are jammed.
by This Guy November 17, 2003
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