your main chick on the side, she'll always be there but knows she ain't wifey. a frequent booty call
man i call my honey dip when i can't find a date she always down to ride.
by bjealous July 29, 2007
a sweet chick
That honey dip you brought over last night had the hottest ass and the cutest smile.
by Fleepsss June 06, 2011
When a male lowers his testicles into a male or female's throat. <<- haha
*You walk into the room with your sex partner*
- "Girl open your mouth, i needa honey dip"
by Teqniks April 02, 2011
A Highly Attractive Lady, with a pretty face and nice body – proportioned well - slim waistline with curves in all the right places.
Damn, that girl right there's a honey dip. Her body and face is fine.
by Robbie Amorous May 24, 2005
a girl initials RMA or also KMH, who is sexy as fuck and a down ass girl to kick it with. she knows how to have fun and always looks good.

yep thats her, theres only one true honey dip.
see that girl? that's honey dip bitches get off her swag.
by honeydiplover February 09, 2009
A Wifey , The Main Girl In Your Life ; Nice Body Pretty Face . Fucking Gorgeous
See that girl right there?
Thats my honey dip, shes my one and only.
by xDRxMsAcexPRx May 09, 2010
a chick you can call at anytime for sex,
a girl that will have sex with you whenever
booty call
bust it baby
"But sometimes I wanna lay up wit my honey dip
She be wit me cause she aint like all them other chicks
Let you hit, then she split, that's why I got a honey dip"
jim jones "honey dip"
by bribooskii July 14, 2009

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