A female's sexual reproductive area, collectively the Vulva, Vagina, Uterus, etc. It has become known, in slang, as honey pot due to the nature of the vagina, foreign fluids, objects can be inserted into the reproductive system. Mainly the fact that semen has similar viscosity as honey. Therefore it is called a Honey Pot due to the ability to accept foreign fluids and objects. The slang, Honey Pot, is not widely used due to other words such as gash and creampie has taken its place.
"I gave a big one in that honey pot" - suggests semen being introduced into the vagina.

"I stuck my fingers into my honey pot and gave a good twirl" - suggest that a female is masturbating, using fingers.

"She got a gaping honey pot." - suggests a female has a loose or large vulva or vagina, as in not tight or visually large in size.
by Linkage Oracle December 05, 2006
Top Definition
A woman's vulva or vagina.
He spread her legs to get a better view of her honey pot.
by Draconio February 06, 2003
In the world of espionage, it is the code word for a woman who is supposed to seduce a man in order to pump secrets from him, steal things from him, etc.
That honey pot stole the comrade's military codes while he slept.
by J.F.K. October 31, 2003
Pussy - The sweetest thing of all
by Rambo May 18, 2003
A sting operation that involves one going undercover to seduce an (usually high profile) individual into a compromising position for future extortion purposes.
Well there's false flags, dead drops, drop outs, cut outs, active doubles, passive doubles, dangled moles. The often under appreciated honeypot. One of my favorites.
by seamusotoole April 18, 2011
a honey pot is a computer system on the 'net which is set up to attract and trap people (script kiddies, crackers, etc) who attempt to penetrate other people's computer systems.
the web hosting company set up a server with a vulnerability that allowed script kiddies to gain access to it, so they could catch them in the act.
by t r a c y May 11, 2004
a pot of honey. duh.
the bear ate it's honey pot full of honey. it did not eat a vagina.
by the puffy bear October 16, 2009
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