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Named after a beehive for its honey, a honey hole (or honeyhole) is a discovered/found place (not necessarily a hole) where something of value is, whether hunting for game (wildlife) or treasure.
I just found the honey hole on this hunt!
by Eep² August 29, 2010
55 30
AKA "The Dark Honey Hole." The tunnel between a females legs, leading to eternal happiness. Always dark except for during pelvic exams, the honey hole is a favorite of many men.
Don't stick your face in her honey hole!
by CrazyBob62 July 23, 2006
181 70
an unusually good parking space that one does not expect to find in a crowded lot.
Check out the parking space in the first aisle, honeyhole!
by Mikeisexcellent January 06, 2007
8 14
A cement tank filled with human feces, where it ferments until a Honey Wagon comes and sucks it clean
-Uh oh
-I think we just dug into a honey hole
-Quick! scatter
by Steam April 23, 2008
43 58
A place on a drug addict's body where he can be sure to always find a vein with his syringe needle... in order to successfully inject intravenously illicit drugs like heroin, crystal meth or cocaine.
Hmm.. I'm not getting a blood register in my syringe anywhere today! Let me try the back of my hand; I have a real honey hole there.
by david lincoln brooks January 02, 2010
22 40