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Similar to sticky rice but for bears, a hirsute gay male who dates other hirsute gay males.
Let's go down to the Lone Star and find us some honey bears, those guys will be all up on this big furry body.
by Shaunthecub September 01, 2006
5 9
Another form of calling a sexy girl, a sweet name. Instead of calling her a typical, common name such as, baby, honey, sweetie, you call her "honey bear", because its different, uncommon and very sweet.

Word comes from the bottle of honey thats shaped like a bear, that is seen in restaurants, such as Perkins. Which can be played around with while waiting for your food.
Elina: hey baby, how you doing?
Igi: mmm very good, my honey bear
Elina: awwh you are so sweet to me
by igi September 15, 2009
69 32
A pet name that you might call a boy/girl friend.

A person you want to spend the rest of your life with.
Derek - Hey Honey Bear.
Shonda- Hi baby.

Shonda- I Love You Honey Bear.
by Koala Bears March 31, 2010
44 17
A bear shaped bottle that holds the honey. The cutest honey container.
"Who stole the honey bear?"
"Honeybear makes my tea tasty."
by Coffeemakesmehappy December 09, 2004
39 29
Similar in function to sticky rice; a term denoting bears who only date other bears.
Bear: "I'm sorry, I can't date you, you're a twink."
Twink: "Oh, I didn't realize that you were one of those honey bears, happy hunting, WOOF!"
by Shaunthecub October 25, 2006
13 4
your sweetie, darling
that new girl kate is sooo my honeybear
by i love yeah yeah yeahs February 24, 2009
10 8
A sweet type of weed that is smoked though the honeybear things that you get your honey in.
You: Give me some of that honey bear.
Dealer: That'll be $150.
You: WTF?!?!
by wAsTe October 30, 2003
54 54
two gay "bear" men engaging in public dispays of affection for one another
"check out those Honeybears! ... they can't keep their hands off each other!"
by pdx gay pride! June 30, 2009
8 12