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a small SUV that does not die. Often loved so much that named, Oliver for example. the letters stand for

the honda crv is the niftiest car on the road!
Wanky-Wow, you've had that CR-V for over 10 years.
Juanito Cantraban- i know! And its still strong over 100k miles after!
Wanky- the honda crv is the niftiest car on the road!
by fudgefreak105 June 13, 2008

An SUV made by Honda that's been recalled pretty much every year since it first came out in 1995. They are good reliable cars right up until the second the warranty expires. From then on the car will start making all kinds of weird noises due to various bearings and rather important pieces of the transmission slowly working themselves loose eventually resulting in transmission failure. Or alternatively on the newer models a rather serious electrical problem causing the engine just die in the middle of the road. Honda CR-V owners are advised to donate them to one of those artificial reef projects that use old cars.

A Honda SUV that's basically a cheap knock-off of a Lexus RX 350.

Derogatory term for a vehicle that travels painfully slow.
1. My Honda CR-V starting making a weird rattling noise.

Dude get rid of that thing before it blows up!!!

2. Hey man did you get that new car you wanted?

Eh the Lexus RX 350 was too expensive so I bought a Honda CR-V instead.

3. Hey look at that car. It's being tailgated by a tractor!

Stupid Honda CR-Vs!
by ThomasTheTankEngine'sCousin December 04, 2013