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1.To be attracted to the same sex.

2.Homosexual people are judged based on a book written 2000 years ago and two mythical characters called Adam and Eve.

3. Gay people are often judged on double standards.
1. George likes Michael. Linda likes Sarah.

2. People who say homosexuality is wrong/a sin are afraid they are the same.

3. Two lesbians on tv are hot, but two guys are gross (look "sarcasm")
by Luizza November 06, 2006
1-The number one way to prevent overpopulation

2-Something every teen is accused of
Example 1: being accused
Tim: Richie likes soccer

Rob: What a Faggot
Ricchie: Fuck you soccer is awsome and its called football bitch

Example 2: Homosexuality
Tim: Hey rob now we made so everybody thinks Richies gay
Rob: yeah now nobody will think we're gay
Tim: Wanna have gay sex
Rob: You know i do

Tim: Fuck Yeah!!!!!!!!!
by Alfredosauce97 June 24, 2011
The act of kissing your finger, then touching someone else's finger, who they have kissed as well.
Person A:"we both kissed our fingers and then touched fingers"
Person B: "that is the definition of homosexuality"
by asewuifhbweruifsidf9 October 21, 2010
the only human's sexual orientation hence heterosexuality doesnt exist
fuck off hetero faggot, vagina packer, homosexuality nigga
by vzufjfzjfb January 18, 2010
Something that you can be without having to attack people's morality or religion,without doing irreparable harm to the institution of marriage,without labelling people "homophobe" which is tantamount to "achtung Juden", and without 'forcing' everyone to accept your sexuality.

Gays have it pretty good right now.There's no reason to go forcing the issue and altering society and making people resent them.Anything beyond this stage is going too far.Society shouldn't have to change,people shouldn't have to quit their religion or alter tenets of their religion around to accomodate homosexuals anymore than they should have to bend over backwards and kiss masturbators asses and accomodate them.
And if you do not agree then "fuck off."
by sincerely me March 19, 2005