1. A conscious choice to be ostracized by peers and love other wo/men. Thought to be the originators of AIDS, though this was proven false. Sort of.

2. A biologically wrong way to love. No offspring will be produced unless unnatural methods are used.

3.Adjective used to describe something done like the opposite sex would do it.
1. Those guys are SO homosexual.

2. That lady had to get sperm donations to have children, cause she was in a homosexual marriage.

3. Stop humping me, its homosexual!
by 797887 February 17, 2008
Having excellent taste in drapieries and shoes. Ability to preform the illusion of floating while walking. Makes hommofobic men either get scared or get aroused, see ex. 1.
ex. 1) I hate hommosexuals because I hate myself for being a homosexual.
by Travis The Head March 03, 2005
A faggot who is going to hell.
Oprah - Look at that homosexual, he's gonna burn so good in hell.
by The-Winnar August 26, 2008
When a male takes his cock out of his pants and tries to get another man to look at it
Derrick is a homosexual in woodshop
by QuickeeBJ December 11, 2006
Its Wrong! and its unormal and sertainly un natural!
I do like it up the rear end which is rather Homosexual.
by yourface93 June 02, 2008
An extremely offensive word used to villify a poofter, a butt eating faggot, a turd burglar, a corn holer, or a swishy mama's boy.
A person is not born a homosexual. He is not born eating butt or corn holing the dog. A person chooses to become a homosexual. Behavior makes a person a homosexual. You do not become a homosexual by eating chocolate cake. You become a homosexual by eating butt.
Lemony is a homosexual. He enjoys fluttering his wrists, lisping, and going "tsk!" He decided to become a homosexual the day he decided to corn hole the dog.
by Cap'n Bullmoose October 04, 2007
A person of vile and pukeish heritage whose lust for little children is only paralelled by his satanic desire to defy god's will. Homosexuals are wrong, not only morally, but also about who won at checkers last night, it was me fuckface.
Genius: Oh look, there is a homosexual, his lifestyle is wrong.

Stupid person who is stupid: No, you are incorrect.

Genius: Wait a second *pulls off the stupid person's skin costume* you're a homosexual!

Stupid person who is stupid who is actually a homosexual: Egad! Hiss! I will get my revenge one daaaaaaaaaayyyy!
by thetruth. September 26, 2007

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