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This legendary beast is said to roam unseen in the populated halls of the fabled Piemessess. Few have beheld the sight of this creature and lived.

Accounts tell tales of a monster with the head of a pig, body of a dinosaur, arms of a shrew, legs of a grasshopper, and the mane of a horse no longer deserving to live.

Those who survived the sight of this beast and avoided permanent mental retardation after the encounter draw similarities between the beast and Medusa. Whereas the Medusa has a head of snakes for hair, the homosaurus rex has grown a thick death-black mane which commands his ego to brush it at every chance it has.

Truly, this beast is not to be trifled with. When the homosaurus rex notices your arrival, it will commence to attempt to shitkick you with his flexible legs. The monster has grown these strong appendages after long years of practicing on trees, rocks, and keat.

Upon sighting of this horror, shield your eyes. Avert them from the bonechilling sight of his deadly mane.
'Civilians' of Piemessess: "BEWARE! The homosaurus rex lurks yonder!"
Edward: "Rawr."
Keat: "My ass hurts from all the shitkicking."
by Civilian of October 17, 2006
1. Something totally fag!
2. Someone that is too gay for words.
1. Woah, San Francisco is full of full grown homosaurus rexes.
2. What is that guy doing to your dads butt? That has homosaurus rex written all over it
by Garrett August 10, 2003
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