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Anything that has to do with or pertaining to homoism, gaity, or so forth. In some cases may be used as an insult implying that a person is a homo.
That is the most homorific assclown I've ever seen
by disrespecting foo December 10, 2002
something that is homo, horrific and sarcastically terrific.
B: Well we lost that game.
G: It was rather homorific if i do say so myself.
B: Agreed
by justawful March 26, 2009
gay, something exhibiting homosexual tendencies, often replaces an important word in title of said homorific event or thing. never refers to people.
var.: homorificity, supercalihomorific (ONLY used when something is EXTREEEEEMLY gay)
our school's production of joseph and the homorific technicolor gaycoat was homorific. It was almost...supercalihomorific.
by nappyafrochik April 05, 2003
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