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misnomer for the dislike of queers
Smart People: Wow, i guess me and jesus were right, homophobic people support the lords way
by morality February 28, 2008
Anti-conservative slur used by liberals to justify loathing Christians, Jews and adolescent males.

An accusation made by heterophobes against heterosexuals to justify their anti-straight bias.

A word overused by the same people who also claim that racism and sexism are as bad or worse today than even in the days of Nazi Germany.

Usually overused by the same yuppies that confuse Christians and Jews, who read the Bible with genocidal Germans from 1943.
The United States is a homophobic, sexist, racist society that deserved the 9-11 attacks.

Americans are nothing more than overweight, homophobic, white trash rednecks, who deserve to die in a terrorist attack.

You breeders are nothing but a bunch of redneck homophobes in the KKK.
by 50 Shit September 14, 2007
what nerds and hippies people call you when you use the word gay as an insult. Bad word for what people use it for as most 'homophobes' aren't actually afraid of gay people.
guy: that is so gay!
dork: don't be homophobic! that is insulting!
guy: why, are you gay?
by newzealandboi February 12, 2004
The absolute dumbest term one can use to describe someone with no tolerance for homosexual behavior. Assumes that one must have a deep-seated fear of gays in order to feel contempt for them or insult them, as opposed to just being ignorant, hateful or brusque.

Are people who hate gays bigotted and hick-like? Yes. Afraid of them? Nobody says "Jewphobia", they say antisemitism, and a Klansman is not a "blackophobe". Try watching Will and Grace and then tell me that a gay man is something to be feared.
Example of the term "homophobic" being properly used:

Cletus: Fags're threatinin' mah way of life! Gawd's fixin' teh punish Amer'cans!

Person with Brain: Wow, homophobic much?


Example of using the term like a fucking idiot:

Emilio: You listen to Coldplay? Ha! Faggot!

Robyn: OH MY GOD you said "faggot"! That's so ignorant and homophobic!

Emilio: You're embarassingly PC. Ever hear of colloquial use, retard?
by Chernorizets Hrabr July 23, 2008
A retard with no understanding of language or origin's way of addressing people who don't like gays. Because if they don't like something, than they must be afraid of it.

Homophobe means fear of things being the same. It's time for a littl language lesson, children.

homo: means "same" in Greek. Also means "human" in Latin, but phobia is Greek, and you can't combine Greek and Latin just like you can't combine male and female unless your some freakish she-male bitch who was the result of incest.

phobia: means "fear" or "panic" in Greek. Derives from the son of Ares, "Phobos" (I think that was his name, it sounds a lot like that.)
homophobic = fear of same.
moar tards moar stupid people geting their understanding of language from common useage.
Person A: I dislike homosexuals.
Fucking retard: z0000mg, ur h0m0ph0b
Person A:, I'm not afraid of things being the same, tard. Learn what "homophobic" means
Fucking retard: *Head asplodes from too much intelligence*
by fgsfdsMASTER2 January 17, 2009
(adj., also n. homophobe) That attitude or information which causes one to react with revulsion at the sight of naked queens prancing through the street seeking chickens to molest.
You are a Republican? You are SOOOO homophobic!!!
by Etymoligizer October 05, 2007
Homophobic means to "fear gays". Although most people do not cower in the corner when they see a gay, like they would do when they see a spider. Most people do not faint when they see a gay, like they do when they see blood. For this reason, it's definition should be changed to "Hatred of Gays" or "Dislikement of Gays".
Jamie: *Points* Lol, look at the gay.

Cameron: Yeah lol.

Gay: Don't be homophobic man! Share teh luvv!

Jamie: Dude, we arn't scared of gays, we just don't like them.
by Jmax09 August 15, 2009