scared of ones house/home
im not homophobic... im not scared of my home
#home #homophobic #wheatabix #david #house
by william landymore June 14, 2007
adj., Descriptive of one exhibiting a condition known as Homophobia:

1. (From homo, meaning "man", and phobe, meaning fear), adj. Realizing that mankind is dangerous. Possibly related to agoraphobic.

2. An insult made up by ijits pretending to know Latin - unaware of the difference between homo and homos - for use during childish name-calling disputes with other childish, name-calling ijits.

N. form: homophobe.
1. Many wild animals are nocturnal because they're homophobic.

2. "You're queer!" ... "You're homophobic!"
by Downstrike August 15, 2004
Someone who dislikes or is scared of gays.
See racist.
My best friend that I've known since I was 5 told me he's gay, so I now don't speak to him even though he needs my support. I should be ashamed of being homophobic, shouldn't I?
by TR March 15, 2003
A fear of homosexuals (most likely for a ridiculous reason)

see: racist
Joanna: I just found out what homophobic means. It's like, sooo gross! I'm homophobic!
by Kate June 21, 2004
The Fear of having men come into your house when your not home and re arranging furniture.
Man 1: Dude, the couch in my house is moved!

Man 2: Chill, your just being homophobic
#homophobic #furniture #men #scared #gay
by LOLOLOL WUT September 14, 2008
misnomer for the dislike of queers
Smart People: Wow, i guess me and jesus were right, homophobic people support the lords way
#right #correct #straight #moral #good
by morality February 28, 2008
Anti-conservative slur used by liberals to justify loathing Christians, Jews and adolescent males.

An accusation made by heterophobes against heterosexuals to justify their anti-straight bias.

A word overused by the same people who also claim that racism and sexism are as bad or worse today than even in the days of Nazi Germany.

Usually overused by the same yuppies that confuse Christians and Jews, who read the Bible with genocidal Germans from 1943.
The United States is a homophobic, sexist, racist society that deserved the 9-11 attacks.

Americans are nothing more than overweight, homophobic, white trash rednecks, who deserve to die in a terrorist attack.

You breeders are nothing but a bunch of redneck homophobes in the KKK.
#liberal #anti-conservative #slur #hate speech #unamerican #heterophobia
by Assex 776 September 14, 2007
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