a homophobic is someone who is grossed out by gay people

john: (to his friend) "oh shut up you faggot"

Emily: john stop using that word you homophobic

john: your gay.
by DannyFannyDanimal April 02, 2008
The state of being in denial about one's homosexuality.
"Look at that fag over there."
"Shutup you fucking homophobe. Youre probably gay yourself."
by me January 27, 2005
adj. Having a fear of homes.
"I've been sleeping in my car and traveling through the country. I just can't stand the thought of settling down anywhere."
"Dude, stop being so homophobic!"
by bluegreengrass April 09, 2014
-My Dad is a bit of a homophobic...
-Your dad is not a homophobic, he's just an asshole.
by D. Clue September 11, 2012
Anger or hatred to same-sex couples or gays/lesbians. No, this does not mean you're scared of homosexuals because you'll feel anxious or scared, which I highly doubt will happen because you're really just being an asshole.
The gay couple was often teased and bullied by the homophobic teens and teachers at school.

Her homophobic parents would abuse her because they disapproved how she was dating another girl.
When he started dating John, his homophobic friends beat him up.
Ey was often harassed when ey was with her in public by the homophobic strangers passing them.
by FuCkYoU May 30, 2015
someone who dislikes gay people
over there! Joseph Hernandez is such a homophobic!
by ray5321 June 20, 2015
A word to describe people who believe bedroom behavior belongs in the bedroom, but specifically the kind that is so disgusting to most people that they would not even do it in private.
If you're disgusted by "gay marriage" then you must be homophobic.
by GoCatholic January 13, 2014

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