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a homophobic is someone who is grossed out by gay people

john: (to his friend) "oh shut up you faggot"

Emily: john stop using that word you homophobic

john: your gay.
by DannyFannyDanimal April 02, 2008
In modern times this is probably the most misused word. The first part of the word, homo comes from the masculine Latin noun homo hominis (a third declension noun for any latin scholars) and it translates as man or human being. Phobia comes from the Greek word phobós which translates as fear or morbid fear. So when combined they form the word homophobic which is and adjective for one who is afraid of man and a non homophobe, one who fears man, or homophobia, the fear of man. There is nothing about homosexuality in homophobia. A better word may be homosexaphobic.
Homophobic is used wrong because very few humans are afraid of human beings. Homophobia is most prevalent in all other species who have become afraid of humans because of our harmful actuons which result in their habitat loss and eventual death.
by thewiseone#homophobic November 04, 2011
-My Dad is a bit of a homophobic...
-Your dad is not a homophobic, he's just an asshole.
by D. Clue September 11, 2012
being afraid of homosexuals or doing anything that might get u called one
by p3nis February 28, 2003
Someone who still believes in the Obama / Clinton pre-2012 election position on gay marriage.
A conservative. A believer in "traditional values" and heterosexuality as being biologically normal.
Mike: I just think that male with female is basic biology, and that the anus was not designed to be a sex organ. Marriage should remain as it has been for thousands of years and in almost all religions and cultures.
Bruce: You homophobic, intolerant, teabagger, Christian scum! People like you should be wiped off the Earth! Die, you Racistsexist homophobe!
by Caprico July 03, 2013
A word to describe people who believe bedroom behavior belongs in the bedroom, but specifically the kind that is so disgusting to most people that they would not even do it in private.
If you're disgusted by "gay marriage" then you must be homophobic.
by GoCatholic January 13, 2014
adj. Having a fear of homes.
"I've been sleeping in my car and traveling through the country. I just can't stand the thought of settling down anywhere."
"Dude, stop being so homophobic!"
by bluegreengrass April 09, 2014