Some one who claims they are scared of gay ppl but are really hiding their true feelings
my cuz is homophobic but i think hes really gay
#homophobia #pobia #gay #faggot #lesbian
by Landensmommy! November 21, 2007
A person who is anti-gay or scared of gays. Sometimes known as gay bashers.
1: Lewis: I hate gays, they really freak me out!
Chris: Don't be such a gay-basher.

2: Dom: Whatever you gay.
Amy: Using gay as a diss means your clearly homophobic or at least not happy with your current sexual status.
#gay #homophobic #gay basher #anti-gay #scared of gays
by I-Am-Alice December 02, 2007
Homophobia is a fear of gay people (homophobic means to be scared of people who are atracted to those of the same sex). Usually people may be or act homophobic because in many teenage groups you are either for or against a subject. So if you don't hate gay, you are seen as gay. This leads to many people becoming homophobic because it is shuned and considered wrong to the public.
Man 1: Did you see that guy. He is such a gay!
Man 2: So who cares... it's not like I'm homophobic.
Man 1:.. umm.. What? You sound like a gay man.
Man 2:Ohh sorry, I mean. Gays discust me. It's just wrong.
#gay #homophobia #fear #peer pressure #homo
by Chriistopher March 18, 2007
A hetrosexual man or woman that is subconiously scared they will become gay.

'phobic' = scared.
Rob: I am gay. *hugs John*
Harry: You're both fags.
Jess: :O! Harry! You are homophobic!
Harry: Am I?! What does that mean?!
Jess: It means you're scared that Rob or John might start hitting on you.
Rob:But we love each other! Not Harry!
John: *shifty eyes*
#homophobic #gay #lesbian #homosexual #hetrosexual
by iLiKeCheEsE666!! October 28, 2006
someone who is close minded and cannot accept people for how they are born, and oppose love. often time they are adolescent males who fear being called homosexual themselves or people who claim to be devoutly religious, although this usually is very hypocritical because i'm pretty sure the bible tells us that God created man in his own image and likeness, which would include homosexuals.
Homophobic person 1: "ur so gay"
Homophobic person 2: "i am not i hate queers"

Homophobic person: "hey lets go kill some fags! the bible tells us to do it!"
sane person: "isn't one of the ten commandments 'though shall not kill?'"
homophic person: "uh..."
#homophobia #conservative #hyporcite #homosexual #close-minded
by open minded person July 02, 2006
Replaces gay (def 4: "The ultimate insult in any middle school argument.") once one has grown tired of using gay to describe everything.
Dude, your car is homophobic.

I can't believe you missed that shot, homophobe.
by Gaylord from India April 13, 2005
In modern times this is probably the most misused word. The first part of the word, homo comes from the masculine Latin noun homo hominis (a third declension noun for any latin scholars) and it translates as man or human being. Phobia comes from the Greek word phobós which translates as fear or morbid fear. So when combined they form the word homophobic which is and adjective for one who is afraid of man and a non homophobe, one who fears man, or homophobia, the fear of man. There is nothing about homosexuality in homophobia. A better word may be homosexaphobic.
Homophobic is used wrong because very few humans are afraid of human beings. Homophobia is most prevalent in all other species who have become afraid of humans because of our harmful actuons which result in their habitat loss and eventual death.
#homophobic #homophobia #homophobe #correct deffinition #homo #phobós
by thewiseone#homophobic November 04, 2011
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