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A contrived word coined by the politically correct and gays. Like most political correctness, including the fallacy of "diversity," it is intended to pigeonhole people into thought and behavior that fits the ridiculous PC agenda. In this instance, the word is used to turn the tables on straight people, attempting to make them feel guilty and inadequate for being repulsed by the fundamentally unnatural concept of men attempting to mate with each other.
Steve was pretty grossed out by the very idea of two men balling each other, and he found he didn't much care to consort with flagrantly gay people -- they just weren't his cup of tea. There must be something wrong with Steve! He has homophobia!
by Biff Ulysses May 13, 2007
Incorrect term in many forms. Though the term "homophobia" truly means "afraid of everything that is the same," it has been adopted as "afraid of homosexuals." A big problem is when someone hates gays but isn't afraid of them, they'll be called "homophobic," which couldn't be because it isn't fear...it's hate. Hate would be called "anti-gay" or "anti-homosexual." The term also tends to be misused often when someone disapproves of a gay PERSON, but not gays in general, yet some dumbass will still accuse them of homophobia. Though hate and fear of gays does truly exist, this term is not always used correctly.
Person 1: "I don't like Rosie O'Donnell. She's always a bitch to different people and tries to look like a victim when they're frustrated with her."
Person 2: "You hate Rosie? You're such a homophobic!"
Person 1: "What are you talking about? I don't have homophobia...I just don't like Rosie. I don't mind gays, and definitely don't fear them."
Person 2: "You do too, you homophobe! You disapprove of Rosie! It's solid proof!"
by amethyst July 31, 2007
It's not our job to educate faggots, yes a faggot is NOT a homosexual, but someone who is anti-gay. So when phobes say "FaGz sHoUld DiE" they obviously even hate themselves! Anyway everyone should know by now that there is nothing wrong with homosexuality. If you continue ruining other people's lives, you're truly pathetic I mean how long will it take until you realize YOU are thee problem? For example phobes complain that gay people "flaunt" their "lifestyle" and "want special rights". Hello idiots, you brought gay parades / pride to yourself because if there wasn't homophobia, there would be no need for this! Homosexuality isn't going to vanish so quit wasting everyone's time. Life is short try to actually enjoy it! The world needs more love, yet it's denied over hatred! "God" must really be proud right?
Anti gays complain so much about the word 'homophobia' as if it even matters what they're called. It's like a murderer complaining about the word killer.
by Mrs. Intelligent October 07, 2009
A word developed for the purpose of deflecting people's dislike and/or disapproval of homosexual behavior and/or practice. It is merely an attempt to overshadow any rational and respectable arguments against homosexuality.
Man A: I disapprove of homosexuality because I truly believe it's nothing short of lust mingled with anxiousness and confusion. I believe homosexuals have a strong sexual desire that they have trouble containing and expressing. When this desire is paired with anxiousness, it is expressed in unnatural manners. Such as same-gender sex.

Man B: I agree, but I also believe homosexuality can be a psychological reaction. Such as women suppressing their natural desire for men as a response to an abusive relationship. Or men suppressing their natural desire for women as a response to an emasculating trauma.

Man C: Whatever, you dudes are just homophobes.

Man A & B: Why?

Man C: Just, whatever. You have homophobia. That's why.
by Lady Feminist October 09, 2009
insecurity about being heterosexual. or the state of being involved with the bush administration.
On a subconscious level, it eventually became clear that his homophobia was caused by his lack in confidence concerning his own sex life, and penis.
by greenyy July 14, 2006
Another term of comfort. Coined for the comfort of the coiner, designed to imply that anti-homosexual attitude is down to FEAR (the dissenter is a WUSS), therefore the poof must be FEARSOME in some way. Leads the intellect away from the truth, that anti-homoism is down primarily to DISGUST (the dissenter is REPULSED), because the fudge-packer is disgustING. Sounds better--FEARSOME, than DISGUSTING. And AFRAID, than REVOLTED--more palatable for the coiner. Like gay for STUCK WITH IT TILL DEATH--NO CURE.
Sidney recoiled in horror, frantically wiping the dogshit from his palm: "Ugh--I'm gonna puke!"

"Don't be so wussy," says his mate, "you're just dogfaecophobic. I want nothing more to do with you."

Why have you just run across the street to me and beaten me half to death--is it homophobia? Are you WUSSY?
by Mouldoid April 10, 2007
The absurd fear the five queers will break into your home and re-decorate it against your will.
"George Bush has homophobia real bad."
"If you weren't such a homophobe, we'd come over for Christmas and Thanksgiving."
by Adar December 08, 2005