A liberal misnomer, "catchword". absolutely nonsensical adjective, inaccurately describing someone that does not like queers.

Here's a thought for you lefty cy babies: I don't like tomatoes. Does that mean I am afraid of them? Not likely.
There is no such thing as homophobia.
by RWAttitude July 15, 2008
The fear of getting fucked up the ass.
Damm i think i have homophobia.
by cartman5000 July 27, 2004
the fear gay men will treat you how you treat women
Inside the mind of homophobia: That guy better not look at me like I am a piece of meat.
by jettttt February 15, 2012
The last acceptable bigotry.
"If racism or sexism in the workplace were as prevalent as homophobia, almost everyone in sales would be on a final warning"
by Dazzla September 30, 2003
When someone is scared that they are homosexual (which they usually are).
Eww those guys are making out! I'm turned on...wait. That's gay. You're gay. This is fucking gay. Gay wad.
by Roxxi July 22, 2005
1.A fear of gays...
2.Hatred due to insecurity about their own sexual orientation
3.Hatred of Homosexuals due to exreme religious beliefs or Being Racist Nazi Communist or Just plain obsessed with hating others
Racist1: eww what a faggot *doesnt stop starring*
Racist2: Eww two guys holding hands *thinks: lucky sonova..*

smart person: this is an example of Noobism *see noobism* they are homophobic because they are insecure of their own sexual preference...homophobia is something Hitler was... and to be homophobic makes you a nazi.. *joking*
by Ferril Ewok October 02, 2007
A male's insecurity about his heterosexuality, and projection of the hatred he feels of his own homosexuality onto other people.
Wow Chuck really seems to put down gay people alot, his homophobia is probably just hiding the fact that he's gay
by russianspy1234 October 12, 2005

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