homophobia is gay. thats it, carry on with your life.
you don't need one. homophobia is easy as fuck to understand and its pointless. its like this:
you go into subway and order a sandwich. the person in front of you orders a veggie delight and your gonna order a meatball sub. you get affended and grossed out by the person infront of you even though it has no affect on your life whats so ever. thats exactly it.
by aawesomeasfuckbisexual June 30, 2013
homosexuals' fear of people who are not sexually perverted
homophobia is reserved for sexually perverted people have a fear of Godly, unmolested, healthy people who wont get AIDS from ungodly, molested, ass-fucking sexual perverts who prey on children.
by fyedeaux December 09, 2010
The fear of getting fucked up the ass.
Damm i think i have homophobia.
by cartman5000 July 27, 2004
the fear gay men will treat you how you treat women
Inside the mind of homophobia: That guy better not look at me like I am a piece of meat.
by jettttt February 15, 2012
The last acceptable bigotry.
"If racism or sexism in the workplace were as prevalent as homophobia, almost everyone in sales would be on a final warning"
by Dazzla September 30, 2003
A contrived word coined by the politically correct and gays. Like most political correctness, including the fallacy of "diversity," it is intended to pigeonhole people into thought and behavior that fits the ridiculous PC agenda. In this instance, the word is used to turn the tables on straight people, attempting to make them feel guilty and inadequate for being repulsed by the fundamentally unnatural concept of men attempting to mate with each other.
Steve was pretty grossed out by the very idea of two men balling each other, and he found he didn't much care to consort with flagrantly gay people -- they just weren't his cup of tea. There must be something wrong with Steve! He has homophobia!
by Biff Ulysses May 13, 2007
A male's insecurity about his heterosexuality, and projection of the hatred he feels of his own homosexuality onto other people.
Wow Chuck really seems to put down gay people alot, his homophobia is probably just hiding the fact that he's gay
by russianspy1234 October 12, 2005

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