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The wrong word entirely. You're not afraid. You're just an asshole.
asshole: I hate them gays, it's Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve
civilized person: Yes, but the Bible isn't fact is it. Some girl called Mary slept around, fell pregnant, so just said it was the son of God so her boyfriend didn't leave her
asshole: whatever, it's still not right is it
civilized person: what? that someone spends their life with the one with they love, rather than suppress all sexual desire all day, everyday for the rest of their life?
asshole: well but
civilized person: how you can have homophobia in 2013 is beyond me, get a grip
by blackandblue October 11, 2013
Pansy assholes who are pathetically against homosexuals, believe that there are rules against being with the same gender when really there are no rules to life. Yet they selfishly think so.
Them: ew you're gay. Ew gays disgust me. Person with homophobia right here. You're an abomination, go back to satan you demon whore.
by ReligionIsPoison February 18, 2014
insecurity about heterosexuality.
Zack is such a fag, man, great to be a homophobe!
by Aston Breitling February 28, 2005
homophobia is gay. thats it, carry on with your life.
you don't need one. homophobia is easy as fuck to understand and its pointless. its like this:
you go into subway and order a sandwich. the person in front of you orders a veggie delight and your gonna order a meatball sub. you get affended and grossed out by the person infront of you even though it has no affect on your life whats so ever. thats exactly it.
by aawesomeasfuckbisexual June 30, 2013
the fear of homosexual people because either you do not believe in gay relationships or think of them as awkward and not a person
I have homo-phobia i am scared of gay people because they might do something like hit on me which is awkward.
by illya December 17, 2007
homosexuals' fear of people who are not sexually perverted
homophobia is reserved for sexually perverted people have a fear of Godly, unmolested, healthy people who wont get AIDS from ungodly, molested, ass-fucking sexual perverts who prey on children.
by fyedeaux December 09, 2010
A word that edumacated butt pirates invented to misrepresent normal peoples disdain and dissaproval of their hamptser stuffing lifestyle as a mental disorder in the catagory of an irrational fear rather than just plain fucking pukifying hatred.....figures
Larry says: I really am disgusted by homosexuality.
George responds: You are suffering from homophobia, in which you're not really dissaproving of their lifestyle due to different moral values...it's because you have an irrational fear of them.
Larry says: George if you say that again I'll blow your brains out!!!!!! (George is now suffering from legitimate Larryphobia)
by Ihateeveryone January 13, 2007