The wrong word entirely. You're not afraid. You're just an asshole.
asshole: I hate them gays, it's Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve
civilized person: Yes, but the Bible isn't fact is it. Some girl called Mary slept around, fell pregnant, so just said it was the son of God so her boyfriend didn't leave her
asshole: whatever, it's still not right is it
civilized person: what? that someone spends their life with the one with they love, rather than suppress all sexual desire all day, everyday for the rest of their life?
asshole: well but
civilized person: how you can have homophobia in 2013 is beyond me, get a grip
#homophobia #homophobic #gay #lgbt #dimwit
by blackandblue October 11, 2013
Homophobia is the fear that one day gay people will take over the world and make us all wear sparkly dresses and read Supernatural fanfics
Morgan Freeman: You don't have homophobia, you're just an asshole
Kaz: Shut up Morgan I've had it up to here with you
#gayking #homofag #queerbag #justin bieber #gaylord #faggotsupreme #homosexuality #lol fggt
by AbovePikachu January 16, 2015
A liberal misnomer, "catchword". absolutely nonsensical adjective, inaccurately describing someone that does not like queers.

Here's a thought for you lefty cy babies: I don't like tomatoes. Does that mean I am afraid of them? Not likely.
There is no such thing as homophobia.
#queers #lefty #liberal #fags #rump ranger
by RWAttitude July 15, 2008
Homophobia is the fear of gay people, or homosexuals. Homophobia is very wrong and it is very common among many people currently in the U.S today.

You should not be afraid of gay people. I have seen some things in other definitions that I find strange. They were something like "Oh man that guy just grabbed my dick gross!" "You're a homophobic asshole!" I'm just saying, if someone grabbed my dick and I jumped back then that shouldn't be considered homophobic. A matter of fact that could be considered sexual assault and I could take that to court. I mean what are you supposed to do if someone grabs your dick? Do they think we should just let them rub it? No that's against our sexual preference. I also think if a homosexual flirts with you then you should just tell them your hetereo sexual. They will accept it and walk away. If that's conserved offensive or "politically incorrect" to you then you must be a serious pussy.
Striaght guy:"Did you really just grab my dick? Don't do that shit ever again!"

Gay guy:"Are you homophobic? You must be an asshole."
Straight guy:"No I'm not an asshole I would just rather not have another guy grab my dick. And I don't have homophobia."
by captainschteven April 18, 2016
Noun; The fear of being the same
"I have homophobia, the fear of being the same."
#homophobic #homosexual #unusophobia #enosiophobia #enissophobia
by PenguinLord July 13, 2015
Fucking stupid
Dumb person: Ew you're gay
Anyone smart: Homophobia is nasty
by Done with idiotic people March 03, 2016
The fear of homosexuals and/or homosexuality. Many people confuse this with the hatred of these.
"Gah! That guy touched my dick!"

"You have serious homophobia."
#homosexual #gay #lesbian #bisexual #homosexuality
by CorrectionMaker July 30, 2015
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