The fear of homosexuals.
In a recent study, many people are homophobic who are not aware of it.
by x-lorm June 21, 2005
homo pho preference other than victual
His homophobia is his choice. He prefers his pho large, meaty, and spooned into him via his nethers.
#concupiscence #preference #appetite #hunger #pho #massively meaty
by inchoative freightage December 31, 2012
an extreme or irrational fear of similarity.
"His homophobia caused him to freak out when he saw his biological twin."
"John picked two different types of buns to put on his sandwich due to his homophobia."
#homophobia #homo #phobia #fear #twin
by imma_redbull04 July 07, 2014
Homophobia is defined as the fear/hatred of gay people.

It is NOT defined as "the fear that gay men will treat you the way you treat women", because defining like that would be dumb and stupid.
-"This random guy just came up to me and touched me in my crotch without my consent. WTF is up with that? I should have kicked his ass."
-"Sounds like you have a case of homophobia to me."
"Wow, you heartless monster, I can't believe i'm still your friend"
#homophobia #bigotry #intolerance #discrimination #homosexuality
by Clamanath November 15, 2013
Homophobia by definition is an extreme and irrational aversion to homosexuality and homosexual people, or a fear of homosexuals. When in reality, it isnt a fear. You arent scared of gay people. You are just an asshole.
Person 1: Ew hes gay? Gross, I get dressed in the locker rooms with that fag!
Person 2: Wait you have homophobia? Wow, asshole.
#homo #homophobia #gay #gays #lgbtq #phobia
by cartwheelr March 31, 2014
You're not homophobic, you're just an asshole.
Tom - Wow did that guy just hit on me that's disgusting stupid fag
Tracy - Wow stop being an asshole
Tom - I just have homophobia
Tracy - As I said before. No, you're just being an asshole
#gay #boy #fag #asshole #homophobia
by Srsly October 03, 2013
A word used to refer to the the so called fear or hatred of homosexuals. It is however used incorrectly, the expression is not a fear, it is an ignorance, a belief system yet 'phobia' suggests one would be frightened or scared.
All in all homophobia is a mass destructor and deserves to be abolished from society.
Homophobia is not good, people seem to think it is however!
#lgbt #hatred #wrong #ignorant #vein
by LizzieBethDoyle July 02, 2014
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