Fear that gay people will become as promiscuous as the Mormons reputedly are, thus shutting down the sanctity of the entire institution of marriage, the latter being strongly tied to religious reasoning (though religion itself should not be to blame; people of all walks support the Faith and none should be disrespected for it)

Also fear that your friend might actually be happier kicking it with some sweet, awesome guy instead of saying smack about that one girl whom your group of friends talks about as if she were a slut. Goodness forbid your friend should be happier being in love with a man instead of trying to get in her pants.

Don't hate. Remember the Civil Rights Movement? Remember the struggles blacks went through so they wouldn't be disrespected anymore in public? This is the exact same thing. Remember the discrimination post-911 that Muslims went through in the US? Was that just? No. Just because "fag", "nigga", and "a-rab" are popularized terms, doesn't make them right.
"Dude, I told my little bro not to be a fag, and he told me I had a case of hemophobia."
"I think he meant homophobia, and dude, he's right."
by Laurence7 February 08, 2009
ho•mo•pho•bi•a \ˌhō-mə-ˈfō-bē-ə\

Offensive Slur.

1. Non-medical, non-scientific pejorative term used to demean and ridicule any disagreement with or disapproval of aberrant, deviant, or unnatural pseudo sexual behaviors or practices, i.e., with Aberrosexualism, bisexualism, fetishism, homosexualism, lesbianism, necrophilism, sadomasochism, zoophilism, etc.

2. (Sexism) Offensive, pejorative term used to degrade and ridicule the universal rejection of aberrant, deviant, or unnatural pseudo sexual behaviors or practices, i.e., Aberrosexual or homosexual behavior or conduct.

3. (Religion) Disparaging, pejorative term used to attack and stigmatize well-settled Christian and/or Catholic beliefs on human sexuality, marriage, and the family.

4. (Politics) Discriminatory and politicized pejorative term used to deny basic human rights, as well as incite and justify violence against people who disagree with the extremist Aberrosexualist (aka “Homosexualist”) ideology.

The slur ''homophobia'' has no basis in medicine or science and has never even been listed in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM). Homosexualism, however, is considered by many doctors and scientists a real psycho-sexual disorder and was recognized as such in the DSM until excluded in 1973 due to coercive pressures by Aberrosexualist groups, and not due to any clinical studies or medical research.

Synonyms: orthosexuality, sexual normality
Antonyms: Aberrosexualism, homosexualism
1. Although the slur “homophobia” has a clinical ring to it, the fact is that medically or scientifically “homophobia” does not exist.
2. “Homophobia” has never even been listed as a disorder in the Psychological profession’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM).
3. Aberrosexualist groups disparagingly accuse of “homophobia” everyone who exercises their basic right to reject their extremist and irrational ideology.
4. The term “Homophobia” makes those who use look bigoted and ignorant.
by Ortho Communicator June 17, 2010
A condition in which insecure losers with nothing better to do bash the gay community because a. they're a redneck b. they're a republican or c. they are fanatically christian, most often catholic.
Something that shouldn't exist because all people should be treated equally regardless of sexual orientation.
Gay basher: Look at that faggot! He hasn't done anything to us, but let's beat him to death with a baseball bat and burn his corpse! Because we're losers with homophobia!
by jesuswasaliberal January 17, 2006
a condition affecting every pre-teen in america
wow, he doesnt walk like us.....he must be gay!!!
by g4m3r August 06, 2005
Every one knows Homo in Latin means "one" and Phobia means "fear of" in Latin, thus a homophobia obviously means the dreaded fear of the number one.
As a baby, George was always afraid of the number one. George must have homophobia.
by madguy26 February 01, 2005
apprehension over having a faggotry promoting 'male teen porn' watching faggot in a position of authority over young males
Martha is transferring her son to another league since James was installed as coach. Some might call homophobia intolerance; they would be right: intolerance of perversion. She is worried the expectation of tolerance for James' faggotry promotion soapbox will negatively effect her son's moral development as James was influenced by Daayiee Abdullah his faggotry promoting imam.
by miramur November 17, 2012
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