NOT fear of the same (yeh yeh, I know, but lets not argue literal translations of the word).

NOR is it disaproving with flagrant homosexuality or gay pride or toilet sex or whatever (though non of the above would have cause to exist were it NOT for homophobia!).

Homophobia is a rabid fear in men of male homosexuality, and/or the possibility of being treated like one through association, to the point of unprovoked sometimes violent outbursts, vocally or physically, against gay men.

It's existence can be directly connected to the attitude of the immediate environment and local laws.

1. In straight men, it normally has very little to do with fear of any actual gay sex act or gay men, rather it's the fear that, for whatever reason (his job, his peers, police attitude, the religious extremists in his area...) any association with or acceptance of anything 'gay' could mean people might think HE is gay, and he therefore would lose the respect of his peers and maybe even ruin his life (or in extreme cases, END his life!) via the open prejudice he see's enacted against gay men around him.
So he 'acts out' to assure people that he is definitely NOT gay nor would he condone it!

2. With gay (or bi) men its when a 'straight acting' gay is trying to keep the respect of his straight peers and, again, doesn't want to get the prejudice and disrespect he see's enacted towards more obvious or 'out' gay men around him.

He's often deeply in the closet, at least with his straight friends, and very vocal about his dislike of queers and how very straight he is, even when unprompted! He may even have a girlfrend or wife or even go gay bashing, and it's these sorts of guys that keep alive illicit homosex in toilets and sauna's and such, as they need to keep hidden.

You don't get so much of it in more liberal inclusive societies where it isn't considered socially unpalatable or dangerous to be gay, or with guys who are totally assured in their heterosexuality, as the fear of being perceived as gay is no longer present.

On a personal note, how come all gay prejudice, anti gay laws and religious dogma is only ever directed at gay MEN when all arguments for it's justification should apply to either sex!? That in itself shows homophobia! Maybe if The Pope just lost the frocks...
1. 'Backs against the walls lads, don't bend over, don't let him look at your cock when you piss, no you CANNOT buy me a drink you fucking queer, GET AWAY FROM ME!!!'

2. 'Backs against the walls lads, don't bend over, don't let him look at your cock when you piss, no you CANNOT buy me a drink you fucking queer, GET AWAY FROM ME!!!'' <later has sex in a public toilet with a random married guy then eases his guilt by gay bashing the out ones outside the local gay club>
by ..WiL May 27, 2005
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The fear that gay men will treat you the way you treat women.
-"This random guy just came up to me and told me I was cute. WTF is up with that? I should have kicked his ass."
-"Sounds like you have a case of homophobia to me."
by Mattyb0i December 13, 2011
A severe condition, usually prominent in Republicans and most of American culture, leading one to:
- innacurately use bible quotings for the justification of killing homosexuals
- restrict the rights of millions
- hide in their rooms crying if they looked at the nude body of one of the same gender and did not vomit
- insessantly call things "Gay"
My mom won't let me go out for the big ethnicity-bashing because of my cerfew! That is so GAY!
by =^..^= February 20, 2005
SHOULD mean:

1. fear of things that are the same

if you look at the basic meanings of its Greek roots:

but in everyday usage means:

2. fear of homosexuals

Or, possibly:

3. condition where one person has the same fears as someone else
1. With his homophobia, he can't look at a bunch of paperclips or go to a prep school without freaking out.

2. My homophobia restricts me from watching most home improvement TV shows.

3. We're both claustrophobic, making us homophobic as well.
by WombatAscension June 13, 2004
Supposedly meaning 'fear of homosexuality,' homophobia's colloquial and rhetorical effect is often closer to that of 'disagreement with homosexuality.' According to its chief proponents, these two meanings are nearly synonymous, while those labeled as such claim that it is a misnomer intended to libel or slander those in disagreement with a particular lifestyle.
1. Homophobic person: If someone gay touches me, I'll kill them.

2. 'Homophobic' person: If someone gay talks to me, I'll discuss with them at length why I think their lifestyle is a moral/societal/civil mistake.
by Streen August 16, 2005
A term created with intent to subtly pressure society into accepting homosexual behavior. Similar to young peers challenging one another's bravery or "manhood" in attempt to pressure each other to partake in daring activities.
1) "Hey, I understand if you don't want to fight him. If you're scared just say so. Everyone gets scared."

2) "Hey, I understand if you don't want to hang with gays. A lot of people still suffer from homophobia. We all have our fears"
by howtruthhurts July 22, 2009
Dislike, fear, hatred, and/or disapproval of gays and/or homosexuality, often (but not always) for religious reasons or because of insecurity about one's sexual orientation.
Many people who suffer from homophobia do not realize it and even deny it. Others will kill gays or accuse them of molesting children.
by Trinu October 31, 2006
An irrational fear of going home.
Homophob(ic) one who is reluctant for the evening to end and finally go home and face what is/not there.
Can describe one who is aware that 'home is not where the heart is, but where the tax bill is' and is reluctant to cross that threshold.
"Hey, where are we going now?"

"Whoa, it's 3pm, we've been going solid since yesterday lunch"

"Uhuh, so where are we going now?"

"I diagnose acute homophobia my friend"

"Look a taxi.."
by footfarmer October 01, 2005
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