An uneducated moron with no mind and or common sense to see that homopbia is stupid and irrastional. Love is love, get over it. They need to grow up and get a life. Homophobes will shun their own famiky if they knew any were gay/lesbian and therfore need to grow the hell up and get over it its childish.
i cant tell me rents im gay.
theyre homophomes..
oh, sorry dude thats rough.

homophobe is stupid
by Death ends it November 26, 2009
A person who is afraid of gay people

Anybody that lives in Texas and is straight.
by Kij May 24, 2005
Someone afraid of homosexuals. usually gay men. sometimes form protests against gay people.
Tom: Hey, Jimmy check out those Homophobes.
Jimmy: What are they protesting about?
Homophobic Mob: No meat between the cheeks!
by Olsonchr August 02, 2010
1) Literally one who is frightened by Homosexuals, or homosexual activity.
2) Politically, one who doesn't support the homosexual movement.
1) ralph doesn't talk to gays
2) ralph goes to church, or is a republican
by ricky72135 February 26, 2005
A closeted gay who is ashamed of his/her sexual preference. Usually due to a strict religious upbringing. So they make the openly gay feel subhuman to draw attention away from themselves.
At least they have the balls to be true to themselves you homophobe.
by Fluersdelis February 23, 2010
One who experiences an extreme fear of male beauticians, fashion designers, choreographers, hollywood, Keywest Florida,A&E, Richard Simmons, and any other collective group of individuals who requires modern science or DAVID FUCKING CROSBY to keep from falling off the face of the earth as the abovementioned collective group.
Being the homophobe he was, he chose not to pick up his wife from the salon as the sight of her favorite male stylist Sasha made him break off an enormous stink pickle in his already too tight briefs, resulting in baby snicker launches, too and fro.
by Yucko December 10, 2005
Someone who is AFRAID of homosexuals. This does not mean that they are intolerant, that they discriminate against, or that they hate gay people.
Just because you oppose gay marriage does not mean that you are a homophobe.
by Jess July 06, 2005

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