A person who has an irrational fear and hatred of people with homosexual tendencies. Usually found in societies intolerant of human sexuality, especially those of the highly intolerant Abrahamic ones (christianity, Judaism, Islam), and people with repressed homosexual tendencies.
"She was harrassed at job by her homophobe colleagues because she was seen kissing with her partner"
by The Eternal Grunt February 03, 2004
a fucking loser who hates gay people and needs to get a life.
Homophobes are all idiots.
by Evster February 12, 2005
Contrary to popular belief, the actual meaning of the term homophobe is a man who don't fancy the idea of having sex with another man.
That's perfectly normal, heterosexuals are born with it. To make it simple: omophobe=heterosexual.
It's commonly misused to label people who refuse to join gay parades.
It's also misused to describe bigots who persecute gays for their sexual beliefs.
A normal homophobe (heterosexual) doesn't hate gay people, he just doesn't want to be one of them.
"I don't care what other people do in their bedrooms, but I would definitely wouldn't like to find a naked man in my bed. I'm not a bigot, I'm a homophobe."

A homophobe is a person who makes every effort NOT to drop the soap in the prison shower. He does have a "phobia" of the "homo" standing behind him waiting for the soap to drop.
by StanLee November 10, 2006
n. A person who holds a dislike for homosexuals, simply because of their sexual orientation. This usually springs from their own ignorance and narrow-mindedness, for most of the time they don't even know the homosexual and determine to hate them just because of their sexuality.

Homophobic Person: OI! YOU! FUCKING DIRTY QUEER!
Gay Man, who had been minding his own business: O_O oookay, just another homophobe.
by DannyJames06 April 17, 2006
a self-loathing individual with repressed homosexual desires

think about it...how did heterosexual boys treat girls they liked in 6th grade? By torment: teasing and pulling hair
Eric happily self-identifies as a homophobe, and he watches "queer eye for the straight guy" religiously to slam the gay guys...but I think he's obsessed with Carson.
by procrastinating queen July 14, 2005
n. person who constantly make sbelittling remarks toward or about homosexuals, tends to go hand-in-hand with bigotry, sometimes turns out to have unresolved homosexual leanings they're too afraid to face
Right, that's really "gay." Man, why you gotta be such a homophobe all the time?
by The Grammar Inquisitor December 02, 2002
A word pro-gays automatically use against people who disagree with them.
"I don't believe in Gay marriage man,"
"You are a stupid homophobe!"
by Asha_123 January 31, 2006
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