A person who has an irrational fear and hatred of people with homosexual tendencies. Usually found in societies intolerant of human sexuality, especially those of the highly intolerant Abrahamic ones (christianity, Judaism, Islam), and people with repressed homosexual tendencies.
"She was harrassed at job by her homophobe colleagues because she was seen kissing with her partner"
by The Eternal Grunt February 03, 2004
A homophobe is a person who is intolerant of homosexuals. Homophobe comes from the word homophobia, meaning either fear or hatred of homosexuals. The issue of the word is a matter of its different usage by people with different ideologies, and actual meaning of the word is misunderstod frequently by both liberals and conservatives. On the right, reactionaries may construe the word to be insulting their moral character. Such staunch conservatives may themselves be homophobic or refuse to accept homosexuality, though such prejudices may be unfounded, used as a general derogatory term towards the right, especially the Christian right. In comparison, on the left, the tendency is to assume it means anyone who disapproves of a homosexual lifestyle. But, a practicing Christian might not approve of homosexuality or endorse it without expressing a fear or hatred of homosexuals, and in fact, this interpretation is the official stand many churches take on the issue.
The Roman Catholic Church is not run by homophobes. The Westboro Baptist Church, however, is.
by ReeseRH December 09, 2005
A person who wishes to oppress individuals based upon their sexual orientation.

Is taken to encompass closet-cases, though not all homophobes are. Some are uncomfortable with homosexuality, others are associated with the religious right. All claim to have good reasons for denying other human beings their rights, but are not actually able to justify it.
Homophobes tend to use the word "faggot" quite often to describe homosexual men.
by Rosie T. April 19, 2004
A term that is used to describe a person, or persons that have a hatred of, or, less commonly, a fear of homosexuals, usually this fear or hatred tends to be irrational in nature.A Homophobe usually tends to be deeply religious by nature, and is as such because the Bible refutes against homosexuality.
My brother is what can be described as a homophobe.I am not very spiritual, but I do acknowledge the fact that the bible states that homosexuality is an abomination before God.
by Phaenixdrools March 26, 2007
1)A person with an irrational fear and/or hatred towards homosexuals and/or homosexuality.

2)An idiot

3)A self hating repressed closeted homosexual/bisexual.
I'm a homophobe,because i hate gay people.
by someguy9219 February 16, 2011
A person that has an irrational fear and/or hatred towards homosexual people.

A person that is an idiot and insecure with their sexuality.

A self hating closeted homosexual.
I hate those faggots and dykes;i'm a homophobe.
by Handsomeguy January 17, 2011
A closeted gay who is ashamed of his/her sexual preference. Usually due to a strict religious upbringing. So they make the openly gay feel subhuman to draw attention away from themselves.
At least they have the balls to be true to themselves you homophobe.
by Fluersdelis February 23, 2010
An uneducated moron with no mind and or common sense to see that homopbia is stupid and irrastional. Love is love, get over it. They need to grow up and get a life. Homophobes will shun their own famiky if they knew any were gay/lesbian and therfore need to grow the hell up and get over it its childish.
i cant tell me rents im gay.
theyre homophomes..
oh, sorry dude thats rough.

homophobe is stupid
by Death ends it November 26, 2009

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