One who fears or hates homosexuals, and usually bisexuals.
When they tell you why they think they have a good reason to hate them, they say something about the Bible, and say untrue shit about STD's, or try to say sexuality is a matter of choice, when everyone with a decent IQ knows that it isn't.
(Hey, you wanna prove me wrong, tell me how to make myself straight.)
It seems that most homophobes are rednecks who are members of the Ku Klux Klan.
Homophobia can be very closely compared with racism.
Shirley Phelps-Roper is a homophobe, and one of the most hated people on the planed.
by Cimerax December 04, 2009
According to many politically correct liberals today, just about anyone who uses the term fag, gay, or homo instead of Homosexual. This makes most teenagers who ever existed homophobes. Otherwise, a person who is made uncomfortable by gays because they find gay sex to be gross
Teen: What a faggot!
ACLU Protester: Homophobe! You will pay for your hatred!
by AngryRetard July 18, 2005
Attack word used by homosexuals and their liberal support crew against people who choose not to embrace homosexuality.
Normal person: I don't think sodomizing other men and subverting gender characteristics is a good thing.

Liberal student: YOU HOMOPHOBE!
by You can use a pseudonym. September 28, 2004
homo= human
phobia= fear

Fear of humans, fear of homosexuals. I don't fear them at all. My school's full of them. It's more like I dislike them. Being gay is like incest. You're not supposed to have intercourse with your own! You just use the word homophobe to make people with different opinions sound ignorant. Get over it.
Who came up with the usage of this word? Next thing you know, we'll be marrying Joe to his cousin Peggy...
by Don't Fear The Reaper January 26, 2005
A term used by homosexuals to rationalize or discount the opinion of straight people who feel homosexuality is wrong or immoral.
"That homosexual just called me a homophobe, just because I said I believe homosexuality is immoral!"
by sdjksa- July 15, 2004
A word used to descriminate against heterosexuals and religious folk.A word/insult/ hurled by gays and closet homosexuals(liberals) at anyone who dares to disagree with homosexuality or even anyone who dares to disagree with any liberal at all for any reason.
person:I think "sex" is a choice since you can choose to go out and have sex or to stay home and masturbate.
insane liberal: "homophobe"!!!
person: Look it's now 2005,goin on 2006,Al Gore lost the election so you really need to get over it now and move on,it's not healthy
insane liberal:"homophobe"!!!!!!!!!
person: "hey,what time is it?"
insane liberal:"homophobe"!!!!!
by Chef,, October 10, 2005
A word for people who hate homosexuals. Like anti-semitism, this word is illogical because there should, by this logic, be a word to define anybody who hates anything, such as, say, Catholics. But there isn't because it's only a word to throw at people and make them seem ignorant for disagreeing with something they see as wrong, no matter how reasonable their purpose is. Basically, this is an unneeded word.
"You're mad at me for not paying my bills? You're just a homophobe!"
--Gay roommate
by David December 16, 2004
A safe way to demonize anyone criticizing the homosexual lifestyle.

Most "homophobes" actually don't hate gays/lesbians, they just hate the latter's lifestyle and their overt attempts at pushing it through the media, and most recently, through the courts.
-"Homophobe": did you know that domestic violence among gay/lesbian couples is more frequent than among heterosexual ones???
-Gay rights supporter: YOU HOMOPHOBE!!!
*Debate finished*
by BAQinSTL February 19, 2004

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