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One who fears or hates homosexuals, and usually bisexuals.
When they tell you why they think they have a good reason to hate them, they say something about the Bible, and say untrue shit about STD's, or try to say sexuality is a matter of choice, when everyone with a decent IQ knows that it isn't.
(Hey, you wanna prove me wrong, tell me how to make myself straight.)
It seems that most homophobes are rednecks who are members of the Ku Klux Klan.
Homophobia can be very closely compared with racism.
Shirley Phelps-Roper is a homophobe, and one of the most hated people on the planed.
by Cimerax December 04, 2009
A word in which retarded liberals use to silence anyone who questions their pro-gay agenda. It doesn't matter if you're as liberal on any other issue, if you're not totally brainwashed into believing two males having butt sex is "normal" and "natural," you're a homophobe and total idiot! Just like when they push global warming and legalizing pot agenda, they manipulate science to make it seem that way. When in fact its actually the other way around. Homosexuality goes against nature because the whole point of nature is to BREED, which is something gays CAN NOT do, which is a act liberals are too god damn high to comprehend.
Brain dead Liberal: Being gay is normal!

Guy: Its not, because the whole point of nature is to breed, which is something gays can't do.

Liberal: homophobe!

Guy: and Proud
by t1002 February 08, 2010
An idiot who does not respect other peoples wishes (in other words, a person afraid of Homosexuals)who loves to prance aroung the site insulting other peoples sexual orientation. No offense to religious people but they tend to show signs of hmophobia more often than not. People who are Homophobes will also often discriminate on the basis of gender, religion, social status, heritage, nationality, race and political views.
President George W. Bush is a homophobe because he is convinced that homosexuality is bad.
by Singer February 10, 2005
An individual with a fear or hatred towards homosexuality; although the term is often construed as negative, it could also mean the perfectly rational fear of taking one in the ass, which many men are in fact afraid of
I'm not a homophobe, I'm just afraid of getting fucked in the ass
by MONKEY RICE May 30, 2011
99.998% of Americans today.
straight guy: I HATE YOUR GAY ASS
gay guy: stop being a homophobe
by I AM NOT A HOMOPHOBE June 15, 2008
n. 1. The word literally means "fear of sameness".
2. A word misused by people who think that, if you disagree with homosexuality you must be afraid of homosexuals. This word is also used commonly amongst gays that wish to desensitize the public with a word that they think means that people misunderstand them.
I understand homosexuality perfectly, and yet I am still frequently named a "homophobe". However, a psychiatrist would disagree that I have the condition known as homophobia.
by NOCTVRNVS March 02, 2005
According to many politically correct liberals today, just about anyone who uses the term fag, gay, or homo instead of Homosexual. This makes most teenagers who ever existed homophobes. Otherwise, a person who is made uncomfortable by gays because they find gay sex to be gross
Teen: What a faggot!
ACLU Protester: Homophobe! You will pay for your hatred!
by AngryRetard July 18, 2005
Attack word used by homosexuals and their liberal support crew against people who choose not to embrace homosexuality.
Normal person: I don't think sodomizing other men and subverting gender characteristics is a good thing.

Liberal student: YOU HOMOPHOBE!
by You can use a pseudonym. September 28, 2004