One who fears or hates homosexuals, and usually bisexuals.
When they tell you why they think they have a good reason to hate them, they say something about the Bible, and say untrue shit about STD's, or try to say sexuality is a matter of choice, when everyone with a decent IQ knows that it isn't.
(Hey, you wanna prove me wrong, tell me how to make myself straight.)
It seems that most homophobes are rednecks who are members of the Ku Klux Klan.
Homophobia can be very closely compared with racism.
Shirley Phelps-Roper is a homophobe, and one of the most hated people on the planed.
by Cimerax December 04, 2009
Someone who is afraid of people.

Pronounced Ho-mo-phobe not to be confused with Hom-o-phobe; meaning to be afraid or intolerant of homosexuals.
Dave does not go to parties as he is a homophobe.
by Server Socket June 30, 2013
A person (particularly a male) who "hates" or is afraid of homosexuals; this behavior is actually because they are also gay themselves or are afraid that they are gay but don't want to know so they use the label, "homophobe" to disguise themselves
John: Eww! Stupid fags get a room.
Amy: Oh shut up John, you are gay.
John: What? no i'm not! Gay people creep me out. I think i'm a homophobe.
Amy: Yea, whateva. You're in denial.....
by correctDefinition July 24, 2008
The classic comeback of a homosexual put on the defensive, seeking to reverse the 'labeling game.'
An effort to keep a widely held opinion silent; blackmail
Hetero: I'm weirded out seeing two men kiss
Homo: Homophobe!
Hetero:'re sodomizing a man. Yeah, I'm the one with the problem..
by musicluvr November 06, 2014
"Homophobe" is a neologism used by gay rights advocates to describe anybody who does not like homosexuality. It is a stupid and poorly-conceived term for several reasons:

1. It implies that the person that it is applied to is afraid of homosexuals. Of course, hardly anyone actually is.

2. It shows a stunning amount of ignorance on the person who invented it. Literally translated, it means "fear of the same"(it can also mean "fear of humans" when interpreted as a bastard mix of Latin and Greek. By this definition, nearly all wild animals are homophobic).

3. It is extremely overused by people who don't have a clue about what they're talking about(e.g. "The Bible is homophobic because it says that gays should be burned!").

4. It has needlessly negative connotations(most likely stemming from the -phobe suffix). If somebody does not think that homosexuality is a good thing, how is that actually wrong?

Needless to say, it is a pointless - yet overused - political buzzword that has no basis in reality, and usage should be avoided.
Guy 1: Man, I'll never be gay. It's just...GAY.


Guy 1: That is the gayest word ever. I have to go now, South Park's on.
by Lockett March 07, 2008
Typically a male that doesn't like gay people. However, many homophobes do like hot lesbian women. Which is pretty alright.
Person 1: "Gay people are fucking stupid"
Person 2: "Stop being a homophobe!"
Person 1: "What, are you some sort of rainbow police looking to ram your pistol into my ass?"

Person 2: "What if I am?! I'm gonna go tell my mother on you!"
Person 1: "Okay."
by Megaboner November 03, 2013
"Homophobe" is a word that queers use to describe decent straight men in an attempt to demonize them (as the use of the word has an obvious negative connotation). Since their lifestyle is unarguably wrong, all they can do instead of making decent argument with solid foundations is call you a "homophobe" and try to take the spotlight off of themselves.

A "homophobe" is actually a person that is afraid of queers. There are probably less than 1/10 of 1% of straight men that are actually afraid of queers. Most will just beat their girly asses.
I'm no homophobe, you're just a heterophobe!
by Second Horseman September 10, 2008
Another attempt by liberals to cause yet more damage to and further destroy society.They only ever deceieve the public into accepting their poisonous ideas by negating all debate and discussion by "labelling" and "demonizing" their opponent.

In other words all liberals know how to do is name call.
I had been labeled a "homophobe", an epithet which — with the help of its pseudo-scientific Latin suffix — conveniently renders pathological all deviations from the orthodox.
by A. Bush Democrat March 14, 2005
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