Just like a homophobe is a straight person who hates, dislikes, or is afraid of homosexuals, a homophile is a straight person who loves homosexuals and would fight for their rights. Sometimes these straight people may be confused with homosexuals since they participate in gay pride events and sometimes even attack homophobes. Depending on the person who uses it, a homophile may be an annoying ultra liberal who complains for gays. Or it may simply be a regular person who does not have anything against gays. Normally its the first one since no body likes to be called a homophobe, and nobody likes to be called a homophile. Homophobes and homophiles can be both be assholes, as one group hates a group of people just for being gay. The other group hares a group of people who simply do not want to be gay.
The boy was scolded by a homophile after the boy said eewww! when he saw to men kiss.

It was fun to watch a homophobe and a homophile fight. I don't care who wins as long as its fun!
Seth MacFarlane is a homophile!
by Semper Fun April 14, 2010
Top Definition
Homophile is a word widely used by those with same-sex attraction while the term homosexual was still used by psychiatrists and other mental health professionals in the diagnosis of these attractions as a mental disorder. It was widely held by the homophile community that the term homosexual over emphasized the physical aspects of a same-sex relationship and that homophile, -phile coming from the Greek word for love, drew a more accurate picture by having the emphasis on the emotional aspects of such a relationship. With the DSM no longer considering homosexuality as a disorder and the popularization of the word pedophile (meaning one who has sexual attraction to children), the term homosexual has become far more commonly used where the term homophile is rarely, if ever, used at all.
Well known homophile groups include Harry Hay's "The Mattachine Society" for gay men and the unaffiliated "Daughters of Bilitis" for lesbians.
I prefer to be called a homophile because I don't just have sex with my partner, I love him.

gay homo homosexual fag fagot faggot queer lesbian lezzy dyke dike
by Homo_info December 15, 2010
A heterosexual person who has an obsessive fascination with all things homosexual.
Spectators at the gay pride parade included not only the local gay community but hundreds of homophiles as well.
by The Original Etymologist December 28, 2013
A person who romanticizes or fetishizes homosexual relationship/couples/or romances. The person doesn't necessarily have to be homosexual themselves, on the contrary they tend to be heterosexuals that enjoy relationships between people of the opposite gender.
That straight guy fetishizes lesbian couples, he's a homophile.
That girls is a yaoi fangirl, she reads fanfiction about gay couples.
by correctorism August 29, 2013
Someone who bends over backwards to advance any gay agenda item or position, no matter how outlandish. Someone with an unnatural attraction to all things "Gay"
The Left wing activist was a real homophile.
by Joe Narof September 03, 2003
A homosexual person with an obsession with looking at gay pornography. Homophiles are generally very over-sexual and make it very apparent that they're gay.

From Norwegian "Homofile" meaning "gay".
Dude, Dylan is such a homophile. He wants to cum in my bellybutton.

Chris told me during English he wants to lick my nipples then cover me in ranch dressing... what a homophile!
by bauB June 10, 2008
An asshole who believes that human beings were meant to be homosexual, that nature intented it that way, and spends his/her time kissing homosexual's asses on message boards.
Person 1: Wouldn't Jacob and Robert make a cute couple?
Person 2: But aren't they both guys?

Person 1: Who's best for Joey, Michelle or Susan?
Homophile: !@##$%%^^%, DANIEL WOULD YOU HOMOPHOBIC !@#@#
by IluvB123 March 31, 2005
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