Mostly enjoys sexual relationships with those of the same gender but occasionally dabbles in "opposite sex" sex.

Usually, just a phase.
I went out last night to a straight club and ended up having a homoflexible moment. I made out with a hot fireman then took him home and didn't cook him breakfast but he certainly cooked for me.
by Sophiesblues December 16, 2009
homoflexible is a word given to someone who can choose their sexuality as and when they choose.
being homoflexible is pretty helpful, cause you are neither straight, gay or bi, but whatever you want to be, so you can chagne it around and shake things up a little bit.
guy 1: bro, i hear you're bi
guy 2: nah man, i'm homoflexible
guy 1: *mind blown*
by Jaykeesawr October 18, 2010
Typo of homosexual
Gay guy: I am homoflexible.
Other guy: homosexual. fix'd
by Kamiwut June 08, 2010
This means that the person has or intends to have a primarily heterosexual lifestyle, with a primary sexual and emotional attachment to someone of the opposite sex. But that person remains open to sexual encounters and even relationships with persons of the same sex. It is a rejection of bisexuality since the inevitable question that comes up in bisexuality is one of preference, and the preference of the homoflexible is quite clear.
No, I'm not gay, I'm homoflexible
by br September 26, 2003
When you're gay, but shit happens when you drink tequila.
I'm homoflexible, so I'm gay, but hey, shit happens when you're blackout drunk.
by LordNorm1 December 27, 2014

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