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Homofan— A person who has a peculiar interest in homosexuality. Obvious signs include an obsessive nature over gay/lesbian relationships, fiction, art, etc. They often show great appreciation for such things, and slander those who are homophobic, the adversary to homofans. A heterosexual can also be a homofan.

In fan fiction, homofanatical tendencies can be seen throughout much of the archives, especially in popular catagories such as Harry Potter, Pirates of the Caribbean, Lord of the Rings, etc. This type of writing is usually called slash.
I'm not a homophobe, I'm a homofan!
by Tasha Mae April 16, 2006
Someone that follows the goings-on of all things gay, especially in the famous world.
She is going to quit her job to be a professional homofan, so she can follow every move Kris Allen and Adam Lambert make.
by Bigmommabetty June 26, 2009
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