A Korean American Christian tradition in which homoerotic actions are performed amongst a group of adolescent boys in order to rid themselves of any homosexual inclinations.
After bible study, Philbert and his group of friends partook in the Korean American tradition of homodo by stepping on each others genitals. "Now this" whispered Philbert through clenched teeth,"is a religion worth dying for."
by Philbert's Dad February 17, 2005
Top Definition
see the above definition for homodo
The boys tackled Grant to the ground for his birthday and each proceeded to place their foot on his genitals and rev it up like a motorcycle. "vrooooooom, vrrrrooooom!" they chanted during the homodo ritual. Meanwhile Tim thought to himself "I'm sad. I wish it was my birthday every day."
by philbert February 16, 2005
Korean term for boys playing a chicken game with just how far they get with each other without actually being called gay.
The women were quite disgusted when witnessing the homod displayed by jack when he slightly grabbed adam's penis.
by Philbert February 14, 2005
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