Another in a long string of insults to infer someone's homosexuality, used with particularly pathetic cases.

Also, perhaps a wicked cool car that my Aunt Bob might ride around in...
Did you see Mike's small erection through his tight pants? What a homobile!
by The Sexecutioner March 16, 2004
Top Definition
A vehicle used to transport loose women to the locations of their booty calls. Can travel in various directions, even on the same day.
"Hey, Emily, are we taking the ho-mobile down to San Diego or up to Los Angeles this weekend?"
"Actually, Mary, the ho-mobile is traveling to both places. We have a 'layover' in San Diego before heading to Los Angeles."
by Sallie Mason May 20, 2005
1. a car owned/driven by a homosexual
2. a car that appears that it would be owned by a homosexual. Perhaps pink or purple in color.
3. a car that a girl would typically own, but is owned by a male. i.e. a purple mazda miata, or any color of ford probe.

(if you drive a probe (and you are not a girl) you are a fag, or if you're not a fag that means that gay people beat you up regularly)
That homobile belongs to that male cheerleader.
by G'z Nutz September 11, 2004
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