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a condition where your wang is hugified not by women but by men.
"Your gay, you suffer from homo-unerectus."
by chillagen June 04, 2005
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Yea that person is wrong and likes it in da butt but the real term is "you when hugified not by women by but a man"
by Biznaxter April 06, 2003
Thats where the wang gets huge-ifide, not from the female but from the male.
Billy's suffers from a mile case of homo un-erectus.
by chow-yung-phat January 21, 2003
a specie who lurks in the streets of san francisco, so incredibly queer, he even makes gays boners droopy.
(on animal planet) oh my lord, we have spotted the homo unerectus. notice the pink jumpsuit, assless chaps, and a dildo up his ass.
by KDIZZO March 23, 2005

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