a nigga who is gay
50 cent is a homothug
by bob on these November 07, 2003
1.someone who is both gay and a thug. 2.Someone who dresses like a thug and lives nowhere near a thuggish enviroment
3. Someone who thinks there tough, gangster, a hustler, holding it down, but they are just in real need of a beat down from a real thug...
by somebody who knows September 22, 2003
Gay black or hispanic men who put on a masculine, hip hop "thug" facade. They walk, talk, and act like tough guys, but behind closed doors they do the nasty with other men.

Homothugs can be observed congregating on New York's infamous Christopher Street. Many of them are male hustlers, since there's a contingent of white yuppie gays who get off on getting bullied/beat up/sexed by homothugs.
Homothug 1: "That n*gga Georgio betta stop talkin' to my man, or I'mma f*ck that nigga up. For real, word is bond yo."

Homothug 2: "Werd up n*gga, I don't play that shit neither."

by Kato Kaelin January 16, 2009
A male thug who has sexual interest in both males and females.Lives an agressive lifestyle ( a well known result of hood life), mentally unstable(most of the time) and can claim to be of hetersexual orientation(or not); maintaing a reputation that can be associated with the life of urban minority men (aka thugs) in and around predominantly black neighborhoods(unless they are a celebrity).All the while attempting to remain the alpha male in people's perception of him, therefore having to sustain the life of a straight male, with only or mainly hetersexual intents to be accepted into society without considration.
"Tyshawn" is your typical average thug. He's flippin' weight in the hood, got a clique with niggas that don't give Shit about much. On the block all night, having sexual leasions with chicks and even has a 4 year old son. Nigga dresses fly, got a fly ride and is known by people who otherwise would more likely than not, be associated with a homo Thug.Tyshawn has a relationship with a pre-op transexual("Tania") who passes quite well and looks and maintains herself better than a lot of females.She herself is also "notorious"in the hood(for her own reasons)."Tyshawn" and "Tania" have a sexual relationship periodocally but consistent. And all the while these sexual rendezvous occuring on the DL with no knowledge of his actions amongst his family or his crew.
by Le_Chat_Noir August 07, 2006
A homo thug is a man who wears hip hop gear or thiggish type clothing and who sleeps around with other men who are like themsleves or claim to be on the DL (Down Low) really Gay is Gay.
by Anonymous August 04, 2003
A gay thug.
We're getting tired of this homo thug, please go get a life and stop watching men take showers at 24 hour fitness.
by harleeeRyda April 14, 2010
Homothug-a male who enjoys homothuggin in the year 2G, fondling other men, and listening to James Blunt.
Yo Rashon was homothuggin last night on the low.

Dom: Yo son we need listen to that real shit. My nigga James Blunt aka J-Blizzle.
Tight: Yea i love how he can get me to connect with my feminine side.
Bobby: Wow. Its plain to see you two niggas are homothuggin in the year 2G
by Bobby Silva March 16, 2007

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