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gay. gay. gay. gay porn. homo=same erectus= hardness of the peen. same peen. pretty much, just gay
"wanna go watch some homoerectus?"

"no thanks dude, im straight, im gonna go look at ALL the vaginas."
by lolerskatesss May 20, 2009
A native Australian Black Man/ some races of African Negroid.
Hey man, he looks like a Homo-Erectus!
by JJP2008 September 04, 2008
A "Homoerectus" is a gay tramp who has erectile dysfunction. The "Homoerectus" will do anything to try and get an erection, e.g try a grab someone in the street and get it on.
dude: OMG did you see that homoerectus
anotherdude: yer he liked totally tried to grab me and "get it on".
dude: no way
by A DuD3 May 19, 2009
when you think dudes are hot
Yeah... you're suffering from a case of homo erectus. You're wang is hugified, by a man and not by a woman
by thaotherb December 05, 2004
One of the earliest homo erectus found was a man...
Hughe G. Rection
by purrdykittykat August 26, 2003