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A Mammal Which Stands on 2 Feet
Every Human Bieng is Homoerectus
by SexyEyes November 26, 2004
This was actually a prehistoric homosexual dinosaur that became aroused at the site of another dinosaur's penal area...(usually a t-rex)..
RAWR!!! Hey Fred... that Triceratops sure does make my wang hard!!! Yeah.. that's cause you're a homoerectus!!!
by jsh123949 January 16, 2008
A person whom becomes erect at the sight of a homosexual.
Hey look, a homo! Wait, is that an erection in your pants? You're a homoerectus!
by tonzie_c February 24, 2009
A male homosexual who enjoys hanging out in male locker rooms or any male establishment with the intention of getting an erection.
Do you think Fredi is a homoerectus he's always in the locker room, but I never see him working out.
by jaymoz June 18, 2014
The gayest name for primitive human being ever made. Seriously, homo erectus? Come on!
1) homo erectus is the gayest name ever
2)I know, who doesn't think it's gay?
3) Me!
2)(gunshot to 3)
1)(curb stomp to 3) fuck you!
by Sfvkyg November 08, 2011
An obviously sexually aroused or extremely horny male, especially a sexually aroused or extremely horny gay male.
"Calm down, homo erectus! We've got a wedding to go to and no time even for a quickie!"
by ODSnatcher May 23, 2014
When a mans wang is hugified by the site of another man.
Yeah, well you suffer from the classic case of homoerectus syndrome. She didn't leave you to get your money. She left cause your gay...
by bob November 24, 2003