Homos are ones who love gay sex

Faggots are ones who are given it without them loving it...
Fucking homoes! (frustration)

Some faggots just got owned... (victorious)
by kotejet May 15, 2011
1. noun. a contraction for homogenized milk (Chiefly Canadian)

2. noun. a derogatory word for a homosexual man,
1. Dude, you like homo?

2. Dude, you are like, homo!
by clawcrusher November 01, 2010
Guys who capitalize 'lol'.
Mike: LOL
Jon: You're a homo
by Finneus September 30, 2008
Dean Winchester
Guy: Dean is a homo.
Another Guy: Yes. I agree.
by Castiel Novak October 17, 2013
homo- generally used when someone's actions could be interpreted as slightly homosexual, or just in response to something that provokes you to "cuss them real bad". Originates from the latin: "Homo" an adjective meaning simply "same". See also: batty man, bender.
H.B: well i stayed up all night learning my latin proverbs
M.H: oh really? you massive homo.

can also be used in a derogatory way towards camp individuals:

E.N: did you see J.P last night? he was dressed like a massive homo?
M.H:yes fair shout, he looked like a proper batty man

S.C: my quad capsized on the river today.
D.H: played homo
by cambridgebadboy April 01, 2011
Two guys that get married on facebook. They are "best friends."
Tom: Goodnight Sweetie<3
Joe: Goodnight Sweets<3
Lauren: Did you see Joe and Tom are married again?
Ashley: Yeah, what HOMO's
by aj18 February 07, 2010
derogatory term used to describe a man who enjoys taking it up the ass from another man
male friend: ryan, stop looking at my ass, you homo
male friend: i heard markham listens to clay aiken...what a homo
by chadddd November 30, 2006

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