A conventionally masculine gay man. Men of this style are often believed to be straight.
"Dude owns a gun, how can he be gay?"

"He's a homo".

"Look at the biceps on that guy!"

"Those homos work out all the time."
by postemotional August 31, 2010
The plural form of homo, but this form of homo meaning a friend that is gay, so a group of gay friends Comes from homies
I hung out with my homos today
by Patriot1776 April 12, 2015
Noun. A married man who pays high priced whores for "companionship" with hopes of getting caught thus covering up the fact to colleagues, family, the press, and sometimes himself that he is really a big homo.
Anderson: Great interview with Dick Morris. Is it really true what they say about him?
Shep: Duh. He's a big Ho-Mo from way back. So what are you doing this weekend - I've got Rupert's place on The Cape...?
Anderson: Wish I could kitten, but I gotta go to Newport and feed Mummy her scotch...
by JaniceH July 10, 2008
1. A homosexual person.
2. A word used by teenagers and preteens in almost any situation.

1. Kid: "Kelly Clarkson is so homo."
2. Kid (to friend): "Haha, you're such a homoface."
by LizLizLiz May 04, 2007
Dean Winchester
Guy: Dean is a homo.
Another Guy: Yes. I agree.
by Castiel Novak October 17, 2013
1. noun. a contraction for homogenized milk (Chiefly Canadian)

2. noun. a derogatory word for a homosexual man,
1. Dude, you like homo?

2. Dude, you are like, homo!
by clawcrusher November 01, 2010
Russell Fredrick Vilela.
You're Ho-Mo
by Superstaaaaar. March 22, 2009

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