Homo is short for homosapiens, wich means human in latin
Everybody who reads this should be homos
by Y0 Shorty November 18, 2005
short for homosexual also a FAG!
Angela is a big HOMO!
by Smunky January 11, 2008
a homo is a guy who call girls they work with groupies and call purple colored shirts plum colored.
DK and TH wear "plum" colored shirts at work while calling the coolest girl there an I.G. and that makes each of them a Homo
by D-bloc August 29, 2006
Someone who stays home all the time n doesnt do shit
Brock "Ash is such a homo" Misty "Yea, all he does is sits home all day" Ash "You didnt say that last night hoe so shut up before i ninja stomp you"
by Bulbasuar July 12, 2008
1. poovy
2. gay man- man of homosexuality
1. That story is mad homo, I don't think its real.
2. That kid is mad homo.
by Alz February 26, 2005
a man in his early twenties around 20 or 21 that likes little boys.
Matt Ayers is a straight homo.
by featherweight December 28, 2008
a person who is not cool or has no friends
that kid joe is a homo
by hughmungo April 03, 2007
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