homo means u like the same of ur gender or its an insult 2u
1.jon: look at that spicy dude ova there
richard:ya hes HOT

2.katie:i hate u!
jane: o ya wel ur homo!
by 1cocoa20 May 31, 2009
1) short for homosexual, often used by immature ppl
2) short for homosapien (human)
1) me: he's gay
you: i know, he's a homo

2) you: im human
me: i know, we're all homos
by wwfvmpgrl666 May 18, 2008
A latin prefix meaning single or same. Commonly, yet mistakenly shortened from homosexual, which means same sex.
Homographs are pairs of words that are spelled the same but are used differently in context.
by Shawn November 15, 2004
short for homosexual. Somone who suffers from the curable disease of haveing sexual attraction to the same sex.
homo: uuh i like you.
man: see a doctor, mate.
by GodsLacky December 18, 2009
Hang out and make out
Hey Jane, do you want to homo tonight?
by worfosaurus January 23, 2009
i dont know any easy way to say this, but........a fag that bones to the same sex

Paul: yo wuddup?

Jim: nm man, got soe dubees from Ben.

Paul: sick

Brett walks by and starts talking to Jim and Paul

Brett: hey hotties......OH MY GOD....my dick is as hard as a diamond in an ice storm right now

Jim and Paul walk away

If you dont know, Brett is a homo
Some gay kid on YouTube who expressed his anger and ended up with a nickname Angry Homo Kid. Currently getting spammed by the same messages that contain the word "HOMO"
Type "stop calling me a homo" on utube. What a fag.
by FromYouTubers June 09, 2009
someone who is gay
you're such a homo d00d
by Teh Great Kirb November 18, 2002
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