homo means u like the same of ur gender or its an insult 2u
1.jon: look at that spicy dude ova there
richard:ya hes HOT

2.katie:i hate u!
jane: o ya wel ur homo!
by 1cocoa20 May 31, 2009
1. noun. a contraction for homogenized milk (Chiefly Canadian)

2. noun. a derogatory word for a homosexual man,
1. Dude, you like homo?

2. Dude, you are like, homo!
by clawcrusher November 01, 2010
1. ryan seacrest

2. straight men say no homo to cancell out something that might sound gay, gay men say homo to cancell out something that might sound straight
gay guy: that girl is hot. homo.
by nigga wat??? September 07, 2008
Rude term for homosexual person. Limited to closed-minded four year olds.
by Anonymous July 29, 2003
Someone who is gay or acts like it. Or a homosexual.
Bob: Dude, stop being a homo, and stop making out with him.
Dude: Sorry, can't help it.
by AssBurger22 November 14, 2011
when you just can't say the full word 'Homosexual'
whore: omfg!!! dat guy is such a homo cuz he wears skinny jeans! ugh!

me: at least say the whole word 'homosexual' you whore.
by ~Zinni January 08, 2013
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