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These days, the word "homo" is used to describe something stupid. Remember before, people used to call all stupid things "gay?" Well now, homo is the new gay! =D
msn conversation

Jessika: Hey!
Smarterchild: Hello again, Jessika
Jessika: Guess what!
Smarterchild: What?
Jessika: You're homo!
Smarterchild: So, what if i am?
by runchi November 08, 2006
68 56
a derogatory term usually used by hetrosexual men against other heterosexual men
quit acting like a homo brad

you look like a homo

piss off you fucking homo
by tamahau February 11, 2003
3751 1608
A word that is short for homosexual.
Also used by immature teenagers as the ultimate insult word.
Jack: I have something to tell you. I'm gay.


Kid to ex-friend: YOU HOMO!
by SuperSonicX November 15, 2004
2666 1184
1. prefix: from the greek homos, it means "the same". From the Latin homo, it means "man"
2. A derogatory term for a gay man.
1. homogenous: the same. Homo erectus: standing man.
2. Todd wore K-Mart jeans today! What a homo!
by Militant Liberal May 02, 2005
1429 567
A shortened version of the word homosexual, meaning someone who likes members of the same sex. Often used as a derograty term by dumbasses.
Bob: "You homo! HAHAHAHA"
Jim: *punches bob* Stop being such an immature jackass.
by Kay January 19, 2004
1147 729
a derrogatory word used against someone attracted to the same sex - usually males
John: That guy is hot!

James: HOMO!!!!!
by jack March 25, 2005
674 344
Gay man, short for homosexual
He is proud to be a homo
by ShAgZy0m0m May 19, 2003
683 462
1. From the greek "homos" meaning "the same".

2. Latin (homo, hominis, m.) meaning "man".
1. 'homomorphic' = 'of the same form'. A linear map between vector spaces is a homomorphism.
2. 'homo sapiens', the latin name for our species.
by Arnold Gumble November 19, 2004
475 255