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A homo fart is a guy blowing off a semen-filled fart.
"Did you just blow a homo fart?" asked Nathan.

"Er... of course not," stammered Luigi.

"I can smell the jizz, dude," said Nathan.

Luigi turned bright red and ran away.
by scodder June 13, 2010
Typically this goes for a man. This is when a guy farts and instead of a good bass sound that makes most men laugh and women run. It makes more of a swoosh sound or a gust of wind. This sound normally comes out of a guy's ass who just had a very large penis rammed in it for about a good hour.
Guy 1.Farts at the poker game and his pals laugh.
Guy 2. Farts and it made a swoosh sound his pals burst out loud and say "homo-fart". Smells like latex..........
by Ru469 March 13, 2010
The sound one makes with his or her mouth while pretending to do martial-arts moves, sword attacks or anything requiring a "fast movement" sound.
My kids annoy the shit out me with constant homo farts for atleast an hour after an episode of Power Rangers.
by Jean Kellie November 08, 2011
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