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nickname for Home Depot, as all the gay men go on Saturday morning for the supplies to remodel they homes, and cruise all the married men there doing the same.
I need a box of nail, Joe, let's head to Homo Depot for them and we can check out the hot daddies in shorts
by Denny57 August 11, 2007
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a play on words, commonly used when referring to home depot.
Hey guys! lets go to Homo Depot!
by civiceg6 April 08, 2008
Pseudonym given to Home Depot after it was learned that they openly supported and attended both the 2010 Southern Maine Pride Festival and the 2010 Boston Gay Pride Festival amongst others in the name of "cultural diversity".
Yo Steve, if you can find the time to stop baking cheese tarts in the kitchen, perhaps we can jump on our scooter and pop on into our local Homo Depot and cruise the plumbing lanes for some potentially hard pipe.
by Endangered White Male October 27, 2010
A generic reference to retail stores which gay men frequent, such as The Pottery Barn, Michael's, and all antique stores.
Bruce and Lance always go shopping Saturday morning at the Homo Depot.
by BigBird1017 March 21, 2008

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